IELTS Writing Test Top TEN ERRORS to Avoid

Sep 8


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Do you want to make your write-up perfect? You do not have to be an expert grammarian. Even if you know a few things in English grammar then it is enough for you. Unfortunately, when learning a new language people often make frequent grammar mistakes. Below are the top 10 mistakes and some advice on how to avoid them.


If you need to achieve a high score on the IELTS writing test,IELTS Writing Test Top TEN ERRORS to Avoid Articles you should do the following during your test:

  • Have a reasonable and logical structure
  • Have a formal and academic way of writing
  • Manage your time correctly

Furthermore, you will need to avoid small, but crucial, mistakes to hit your target.

Regular IELTS Writing Mistakes

  1. making little, aggregate errors

A few mistakes are to be excepted on your test, and as long as the inspector can understand what you are trying to state, you won't be punished in a major manner. Assuming, be that as it may, you keep on committing similar errors all through, it will be difficult for you to score above 6.0.

How to avoid: Small spelling and grammatical errors can be removed by your teacher during the lessons you take before a test. By taking IELTS preparation lessons, you will learn to avoid common errors.

  1. No comparative discussion

In some parts of writing task 2, you are frequently required to analyze two corresponding viewpoints or opinions. You have to talk about the advantages and disadvantages and issues and solutions of every argument. Remember to explain for yourself when you agree with or propose the statement significant to just a single perspective.

How to avoid: Writing practice is essential. In any case, learning IELTS regular subjects and relevant arguments on every topic will spare you time during the exam and help you produce arguments in an increasingly predictable way?

  1. Your essay does not answer the question

Our teachers have discovered that even experienced students some of the time miss answering the question out and out. Despite the fact that you can use advanced-level vocabulary and complex sentence structure suitably and your opinions are interesting, if you didn't answer the question, you won't most likely achieve a high score.

How to avoid: You have to organize and structure your arguments inside a limited time. In order to produce a well-organized essay, you have to design an essay structure before the start of writing. In particular, analyzing and understanding the question help you to keep away from the confusion.

All IELTS essay questions will have an instructional sentence, telling students precisely what they should do in their written response.

There will be trigger words, for example, talk about, analyze, argue, support and the student is expected to react in like manner.

Basic IELTS Writing Mistakes: Grammar errors

  1. Use of the word 'the'

We use the:

  • when there is just one of something: the internet
  • with cardinal numbers: the first
  • with superlatives: the worst
  • with places where the name refers to a group of islands or states: the USA
  • before nouns which describe general things: exercise is good for the body,
  • Before abstract nouns used to describe a situation, process, quality or a change.
  1. Countable and Uncountable Nouns: She has three dogs. I own a house.
  2. Noun Verb Agreement

The verb must agree with the noun. If you use a plural noun, you should use a plural verb and the other way around.

  1. – ing or to + infinitive

We use to + infinitive verb after the following verbs: learn how might like, need, appear, decline, promise, get ready, offer, learn, trust, help, deserve, choose, manage, and ask.

  1. Use of Articles before Noun Phrases

You ought to include an/a before adjective singular noun combination: a very small, percentage, a really strong argument.

A few special cases include the word 'of' after the noun phrase: a wide range of, an equal number of, a large/small number of, a small/large/equal proportion of.

Special cases: quite a few people, to a certain extent/degree

  1. Use of Commas

In the IELTS writing test, we regularly use phrases called 'discourse markers' or 'linking phrases' to connect our thoughts together, for example, firstly, secondly in conclusion, in the summary.

We normally use a comma after a discourse marker that introduces a sentence:

  • Firstly, the primary cause of pollution is motor vehicles.
  • On the one hand, motor vehicles are said to be the primary cause.
  1. Verb Tenses

Always consider which of tense, you should use

  1. Prepositions after Adjectives and Nouns

Students frequently get confused about which preposition words to use after adjectives and nouns.

Do you want to make your write-up perfect? You don't need to be an expert grammarian. Regardless of whether you know a couple of things in English grammar then it is enough for you.

Here, we have listed down some incorrect and right sentences. Look at.

Incorrect: There is numerous dusts.

Correct: There is much dust/There is a great of dust.

Incorrect: There is more courage in him/her.

Correct: There is more courage in him/her.

Incorrect: Does she sing good?

Correct: Does she sing well?

Incorrect: The police is making the laws strict.

Correct: The police are making the laws strict.

Incorrect: Marshal tried to find faults with her often

Correct: Marshall often tried to find faults with her.

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