Important Guidelines Before You Begin IAS Preparation or Coaching

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Herein is a thorough guide to help you understand the right way of preparing for your UPSC exam. Remember, though you need to work hard, you also need to have a proper study strategy to come out with flying colors in this exam.

One of the important and prestigious public examinations in India is said to be the UPSC Civil Service Examination. Every year more than 1 Lakh people take an attempt to clear this examination but just a few are fortunate enough to pass through this examination in India. This exam fulfills one’s determination and goals for their IAS ambition. IAS coaching in Delhi allows the potential aspirants to get professional guidance without getting misguided. Thus,Guest Posting in few cases aspirants gets misguided or confused with UPSC coaching in Delhi. Therefore, make sure your time and money are not getting wasted by getting misguided. 

UPSC Civil Service Examination Key Features

  • More than 1 lakh potential aspirants get registered every year
  • More than 4.5 Lakh aspirants are preliminary exam takers
  • More than 12000 pass prelims per year
  • Around 25000 aspirants clear mains per year
  • Around 1000 selected aspirants find mention in the rank list after the interview

Facts: The seats are allotted based on the caste category. Only 50.5% of seats are reserved. Therefore, if you belong to the general category you need to secure about 40% to make certain a place in the final. 


How to Start Preparing for Civil Services?

To begin the Civil Services Exam coaching or preparation, it's not a necessary thing to take part in any coaching center. Therefore, getting yourself prepared for Civil Service Examination whether online or offline under professional guidance can be of great help to the aspirants for valuable knowledge, command, and understanding.

Beginner Tips for IAS Examination          

The UPSC Civil Service Examination is based on three stages:

  • Prelims
  • Mains
  • Interview


Prepare Yourself

Prepare yourself both mentally and physically before devoting your time effectively. Set your study goals at home to get yourself prepared for the journey. However, if you are not planning to quit your job then balance yourself with the preparation and job. Decide how you would devote your time to studies without hampering your job area. Presently, technology has made our life much easier to balance everything with ease.


Work with a Time Table

To turn into an IAS official, it is important to feel yourself like an officer with a planned schedule and a well-organized agenda. You should set a well-organized schedule before your planning and stick to it. Making a plan will facilitate your preparation and make it more smoothed out. With deadlines and a planned schedule, you would work better and complete the given task on time. Therefore, keep a tight check on yourself that you are not running out of time.


Keep A Positive Attitude

It is recommended not to overthink things that are outside your ability to control. It doesn't make a difference if your past interview was a terrible encounter. Try not to push yourself thinking about the panel, their inclination, what IAS question would be asked, and so on. These questions are beyond your reach and imagination. Therefore, build yourself with a positive attitude and achieve what lays the best for you.


Habit of Regular Newspaper Reading

Reading the newspaper is essential for all three phases of the UPSC Civil Service test. Knowledge of recent developments is highly important. You should ensure that you read the papers daily till the day of your UPSC interview.


How expensive is IAS Preparation?

If you intend to join any IAS study course in metros like Delhi, for a package covering Prelims and Mains, the training charges can be about Rs.1,00,000-1,50,000. The optional subject course may cost you extra. The cost for food and convenience may cost you extra 1-1.5 lakhs.

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