Integral Calculus and Its Role in Our Daily Lives

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Integral calculus is an important part the fundamental theorem of calculus and plays a major role in our daily lives. Read this article to know more about this mathematical concept.

Calculus lectures might have blown your mind. Right,Guest Posting Ain’t it? This complex mathematical function deals with change and further diverges into two main categories: Differential calculus and Integral calculus. Both of these theories form a major part of the Fundamental theorem of calculus and use the notions of infinite series. According to an interesting fact —the term Calculus is a Latin word which  literally means “a small pebble used for counting”, and Sir Issac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz are known to be the fathers of calculus.

The two categories of calculus are usually taught in separate lectures and play different roles. This particular article will mainly discuss Integral calculus and how it can be applied in the daily life. Students who are associated with mathematics find the pressure of a Calculus assignment to be heavy. Some of the main reasons for this might be the lack of understanding or the difficulty in following the proper steps that would lead to the perfect solution to a given problem. However, the students of this generation have the tendency to put their tensions on a leash with the calculus assignment help available online.

Moving our attention towards Integral calculus, we find that it is a complete package to learn about the definitions, concepts and applications of the concepts of Definite and Indefinite integrals. One hand where the former takes a function and outputs a number, and technically involves Riemann sum; the latter is considered as an antiderivative. The properties of an integral include Linearity,  Inequalities, and Conventions. Students should be well aware of these terms and their definitions before moving forward with their calculus assignment.

Integral calculus can be further extended into Improper integrals, Multiple integration, Line integrals, Surface integrals, Contour integrals, Integrals of differential forms, and Summation. Calculus assignments given at higher academic levels mainly test the logical understanding of a student on these topics. Thus, it is advised to the students to be conceptually clear about the mathematical techniques.

The further discussion takes us to the applications of Integral calculus in the real world. You might be stunned to know that its concepts are applied in our daily lives - from determining the velocity of the motor vehicles, Green’s theorem that is used to find the area taken of irregularly shaped object to figuring out the optimal branching angle of blood vessel - applications of integral calculus are present in every nook and corner. Such is the accomplishment of a mind-blowing mathematical concept.

Calculus might seem a cumbersome mathematical section and Integral calculus being the toughest of all, at first. However, continuous practice and solving out equations regularly would prove beneficial if students are dedicated towards it. Moreover, instead of just studying calculus for the examination purposes, students should try to incorporate calculus in their daily lives and connect it with the things happening around. This would encourage them to understand the complexities of the different aspects of  calculus better. Thus, they would be able to find the subject interesting rather than considering it their brutal enemy.

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