Problems with UK Education System

Jan 15


Alex Hendry

Alex Hendry

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Thousands of university students facing problem in writing quality assignments and dissertation.


The United Kingdom is known for its excellence in providing best education and exposure to students around the globe. It is very much known as one of the best education hub for undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. Variety of students across the globe take interest in UK qualification and visit this country to finish their college and university education. They are just not being benefited by the best education they get while staying in this country,Problems with UK Education System Articles but they also get a very professional working environment when they join any internship or if they secure a job.  No doubts, UK has always been and will continue to be one of the best educational destination for international students. We have seen a lot many time United Kingdom and USA been compared when it comes to providing best education. Every time it has remained a bias and one can see the Universities from both countries such as Oxford, Harvard and Cambridge have successfully stayed in the top ten list of best universities around the globe.

With UK education system seen to be growing and attracting students from different countries, there are few shortfalls which is not being identified and can hamper students and the education system when judged on a long term basis. Very often students these days are facing problems when it comes to writing assignments, coursework and dissertation. Many students these days are getting worst at writing good quality work. Even a brilliant student who is good at passing the toughest exam, is seen to be facing problem when it comes to writing any essay or coursework. One can’t blame students for this, its the university and colleges having a black hole in the education system which they are taking very lightly. Those studying undergraduate and graduate qualifications are not been properly trained on writing good quality assignment or dissertation. No best knowledge and practise been provided to them as to the right format, structure and analytical skills to use while writing it. We all know how important role this can play in securing any university qualification and if not taken seriously can have long term bad effects to both the student and the education system.

Thousands of UK university students these days look for assignment writing help, dissertation writing help and coursework writing help services. Many look for resources to help them complete it and many look for education consultants to help them finish it off. Rather than then using their own knowledge they gained while studying a qualification, they rely on outsider and take such risks by outsourcing their work to others. Even students with poor english skills find it difficult to write and are often neglected by their teachers and supervisors when they try to seek help. A lot of care is needed to solve this big issue which everybody is facing and if not taken seriously can have adverse affect the popularity of this booming UK education system. Both the University and the government need to implement some policies to tackle this issue. So let’s hope soon a proper care will be taken and strategies will be planned to save the students from this virus which can destroy the whole educational system.