Learn Spanish in Three Months, No Way!

Feb 4


Daniel Major

Daniel Major

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Learning Spanish quickly needn't be a pipedream, depending on the type of course you choose it is not unreasonable to expect to achieve a good level of conversational Spanish in as little as three months.

If you need to,Learn Spanish in Three Months, No Way! Articles or would rather learn Spanish as quickly as possible there are various ways you can do this. By far the fastest way to learn Spanish quickly is by taking an immersion course; they are fantastic for learning Spanish as you will be, as the title suggests, totally immersed in the language as well as the culture of the country you are taking the course in; yes many Spanish immersion courses take part in Spanish speaking countries so basically you will be taking an educational vacation, the down side to immersion courses is that they are quite expensive, although they are becoming more affordable, and the time you need to put aside for taking them; to gain a decent level of Spanish quite quickly can take 4 to 6 weeks depending upon your knowledge of Spanish prior to taking the course.

Another option is to take Spanish classes at your local school or college, they may not seem very expensive when you cost the individual lessons but when you add up the cost of the number of lessons that you will need to take to achieve a proficient level in spoken Spanish, it will probably be more expensive than paying for an immersion course, not only that but they are not that intensive, the most lessons you will probably be able to take in any given week is two or three, I'm sure you'll agree, this would not be inducive to learning Spanish quickly.

By far the most cost effective and quickest way to learn Spanish nowadays is to purchase an interactive online course, amazing results can be achieved very quickly and a good degree of fluency can be achieved in as little as three months. You can be as intensive or as laid back as you wish as there is no timetable to work by so you can learn Spanish as quickly as you like, not only that you can fit your  study time around your own schedule because you are both lesson planner and student.

So in retrospect the three fastest ways to learn Spanish are;

1.    Immersion courses; fast and effective but expensive.

2.    Local Classroom Courses; not as quick as an immersion course, but the interaction with a tutor and fellow students, is an advantage, can be as expensive as an immersion courses, depending upon the number of lessons taken.

3.    Online interactive courses: fast, flexible and cost effective our all round champion!

So if you are looking to learn Spanish quickly, its quite clear; if time and money are not a problem take an immersion course; but if you are restricted financially and with time then there is really only one choice and that is an online interactive Spanish course.