Learn Spanish Courses: Four Ways to Find Spanish Courses

Jul 20


Dean M Novosat

Dean M Novosat

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The easiest way to get started learning a new language is to take a course in it. Taking a course in a foreign language gives you a solid background in the basics of the language and, frequently, the culture behind it. It provides a strong base for the many ways you may be interested in using the language such as travel, business or friendly conversation. This article suggests different ways for you to find Spanish courses.

Learn Spanish Courses Tip #1: Check With Your Local Community College If you live near a community college,Learn Spanish Courses: Four Ways to Find Spanish Courses Articles you may be able to sign up for an evening or weekend Spanish class. Most colleges offer several different types of Spanish classes. Business Spanish, for instance, is appropriate for people who need to interact with Spanish speaking clients as part of their jobs, whereas conversational Spanish might work better for travelers or people wanting to pick up just enough of the language to converse with friends or in-laws. Finally, a formal Spanish 101 class generally teaches basics of Hispanic culture as well as written and spoken Spanish. Learn Spanish Courses Tip #2: Check Out Online Universities Maybe you’re not thrilled with the idea of being back in a classroom, or maybe your schedule doesn’t fit in with the schedule of the community college. Not to worry. Online (or virtual) universities offer Spanish classes, too. You can complete the lessons when you want, and if you make a pronunciation mistake, nobody has to know but you. The drawback, of course, is that you do not get the personal interaction that a brick-and-mortar classroom would give you. Online universities that offer Spanish for beginners include the Rosetta Stone Language Library and the Penn Foster Career School. Learn Spanish Courses Tip #3: Check Out Online Spanish Classes Some websites such as Learn Spanish Online, and SpanishNetCollege exist solely to help online learners master the Spanish language. They differ from online universities in that their entire focus in on Spanish, or at least on foreign languages. A quick search with your favorite search engine will turn up multiple online learning opportunities. Many of these programs offer a free initial lesson so that you can make sure that their teaching style suits your learning style. As with anything else, don’t hesitate to comparison shop for the best deal. Learn Spanish Courses Tip #4: Buy a Spanish Language Course CD Series There are several language course CDs to help you learn Spanish ranging from advanced conversational Spanish with regional dialects to the most basic Spanish for beginners. Read the promotional materials carefully and select the audio course that appears most helpful to you. For instance, if you spend a lot of time in your car, a CD designed for commuters might be just the thing; and if you’re less interested in formal Spanish than on mastering a few phrases to use on your next Mexican vacation, you may want to try a travel or a conversational Spanish CD. One of the best ways to learn a new language is to take a course in it. Between brick-and-mortar schools, online universities, online language programs, and audio CDs, there are plenty of courses available to help you become fluent in Spanish.