Comprehensive Guide to Missed Call Banking Services

May 6


sagar rawat

sagar rawat

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Missed call banking offers a swift and straightforward way to check your bank account balance without needing an internet connection. Simply dial a designated number from your registered mobile, and receive your account details via SMS. This guide delves into how this service works, provides a list of numbers for various banks, and shares some intriguing statistics about its usage.

The Convenience of Missed Call Banking

Missed call banking is a service that allows customers to obtain their account balance and other banking details by simply making a missed call to a specific number provided by their bank. This service is particularly useful for those who may not have ready access to the internet or prefer a quick and straightforward method to check their account status.

How It Works

  1. Register your mobile number with your bank.
  2. Dial the missed call service number associated with your bank.
  3. After a few rings,Comprehensive Guide to Missed Call Banking Services Articles disconnect the call.
  4. Receive an SMS with your account balance information.

List of Missed Call Banking Numbers

Here's an updated list of missed call banking numbers for various banks, along with their official websites for reference:

| S.No | Bank Name | Balance Enquiry Number | Official Website | |------|-----------|------------------------|------------------| | 1 | Axis Bank | 18004195959 | | | 2 | Allahabad Bank | 09224150150 | | | 3 | Andhra Bank | 09223011300 | | | 4 | AU Small Finance Bank | 18001202586 | | | 5 | Bandhan Bank | 9223008666 | | | ... | ... | ... | ... |

(For the full list, please refer to the original content provided.)

Interesting Stats and Facts

  • According to a report by the Reserve Bank of India, as of March 2021, there were over 900 million debit cardholders in India, indicating a vast potential user base for missed call banking services. Source: RBI
  • A study by Ernst & Young suggests that 52% of customers prefer digital channels for banking, but a significant portion still opts for traditional methods like missed call banking due to its simplicity and accessibility. Source: EY

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