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6th grade is actually a time of transition -- both daunting and exciting-- and I always wanted to make the transition of my pre-teen son as smooth as possible. Although he is studying in an excellent state school and always work hard, he didn't seem to be performing well like everyone else seemed to be doing, especially in Maths and English.

Being a working lady,Guest Posting I am not able to spare time for his studies. My son is an average student, but he falls behind in his schoolwork and it might take loads of work for him to get caught up. He might be able to keep up with most of his schoolwork, but finds some particular subjects, like maths and English a bit harder to grasp. This made me realise the importance of online tutoring. A particular math and English online tutor will help my kid focus on the difficulties & learning disabilities by teaching in a way that he will understand the concepts properly. I was sure that this extra guidance is required for my son to remain at the same level as the rest of the class fellows.We are from a middle class family and have some limitations in terms of money to be spend on the kids every month. Keeping my budget tight, I have to manage everything. Here online tutoring came as a rescue. Online tutoring saves time, is cost effective, offers flexibility in terms of scheduling my son's classes as per his convenience and most significantly, it provides a personal study environment without invading my home privacy which is not there when tutor comes to home.When I surfed for online tutoring sites, I found Tutor Pace and finally got a tutor specifically for the subjects of Math and English. Tutor Pace provides high school online tutoring to those kids who are not clear about the fundamental knowledge and general skills in the subject and scuffle to be on the right track.


Tutor that I have for from Tutor Pace is having expertise in the subject to help my son on all the topics and improve his basics concepts with clarity. The tutor provides one-to-one sessions at affordable prices to maximize his learning skills. Maths Tutor helps my son with:*Break up methods to solve difficult sums*Subtraction, multiplication, division and Addition *Subtract and Add negative and positive integers*Understand the meaning of integers*Statistics and Probability *Algebra and GeometryEnglish Tutor helps my son with:*English Grammar*Reading*Creative Writing*Essay Help*Poems RTC*Comprehensions*Vocabulary skillsThe best part is that, being a working mother, I can be a part of my child's tutoring. The online tutoring session is available with recorded grades which the parents can access anytime. In addition, the Printable worksheets are there to use for giving more homework help to my son. Traditional tutoring centers also keep the parents informed, but most of them don't involve parents in tutoring process.Since the lessons are animated with complete explanations & details, home-schooling students may get online tutoring for those topics they are not understanding under their parents' instruction. This feature has reduced my frustration and increased my son's excitement for learning. I am loving it!

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