Rocket Spanish Review

Jan 17


Greg Patterson

Greg Patterson

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Rocket Spanish is a standout course in my opinion. It combines both audio lessons with interactive computer games.

Rocket Spanish is an MP3 course available online,Rocket Spanish Review Articles and it's bold sales copy would imply it represents the easiest way to learn Spanish. We are used to the hyperbole online these days, so this review will tackle whether Rocket Spanish is actually up to much and what you would actually be getting for your hard-earned money.What is the sales hook with this course?Rocket Spanish basically takes the same lead as many popular language courses of recent -- interactive speaking. After the pioneering work of Michel Thomas and Paul Pimsleur, would-be learners realised that studying a second language could actually be fun and exciting.In a nutshell, this means listening to dialogue, and then attempting to construe relevant answers and sentences. Many would argue this is the most effective way to learn language and the recent surge in language tape sales would suggest as much. Rocket Spanish's course is on MP3, meaning you listen to it via your computer, or you download it to an MP3 player such as an Apple iPod or burn it to a CD player.Perhaps the most unique angle of the course is the online interactive service. As an example, you will be shown a picture of an object, and then given three options in Spanish to determine the correct answer. The same is also done for an audio option. The idea is that if you work your way through these terms and repeat, then eventually they will embed themselves in your memory.How long is the course?Rocket Spanish is a 31 lesson interactive course, which according to the creator should take you three months or less to complete. Also included are a large amount of printed resources to refine grammar and memorize vocabulary.So what level of competency does it take you to?Well, the course won't take you to the kind of fluency and articulation levels you might expect in an intellectual, but it will drive you to a proficient standard. Assuming you tackle the course faithfully, there is no reason why you should not be able to hold fine and rudimentary conversations with natives of the tongue. Along with the works of men like Thomas and Pimsleur, this certainly provides one of the easiest ways to learn Spanish tongue.An added bonus to this course, which I would struggle to find in many others, is the emphasis on pronunciation. One of the course's main selling points is the fact that you will learn how to speak like a native, i.e. adapt your tongue for the different countries around the world which each embrace Spanish as their own language. Essentially this is "street-wise Spanish" as opposed to the formal education we might expect to receive in the classroom. It's up to the individual to decide which method is more pragmatic.The SummaryRocket Spanish is a fine overall course, but it lacks one special ingredient: living in a Spanish-speaking country. Mind you, we'd be harsh to hold this charge against the course as no such course could provide that unique experience.I would heartily recommend Rocket Spanish to those who are willing and able to learn the language. However, ensure you have the diligence required -- although three months of learning is a short time in the right context, it does require weekly discipline. I would suggest that having finished the course... if you have finished the course -- that you book a trip to a Spanish-speaking country as soon as possible and truly exercise what you have learned. Rocket Spanish provides an excellent springboard, but it is only daily and exclusive language integration with native speakers that can teach you to swim. Ultimately the easiest way to learn Spanish is an integration of both methods.