Role of government in Education

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Role of government to make education easy.

Government is a group of people that governs a community or unit. It set s and administers public policy,Guest Posting and exercises executive, political and sovereign power through customs, institutions, and law within a state. It can be classified into many types- democracy, republic, monarchy, aristocracy, and dictatorship are just a few. Government plays a great role in the maintenance and proper functioning of economy. It has a say in everything that happens in the nation. Be it income, expenditure, healthcare, defense, or any other field, government hold the right to intervene in everything.

When we talk of education, the government plays an indispensable role. There are many people out there in India who are leading their life below the poverty level. They are only able to finance their basic needs and thus it is almost impossible for them to finance the studies of their children. This makes the literacy rate slow down which eventually leads to deceleration of the growth and development of the nation.

Education in the present times is not an easy nut to crack. Students generally have to work upon a lot of varied tasks in order to excel in the field of education. They are provided with a lot of academic tasks that they are required to complete on their own. This includes a lot of time, efforts and money on part of the students. Those who belong to poor income level family are not able to invest much time and money in the completion of such tasks. Thus, at such point of time the government plays a vital role.

The government’s griming about the education in the country can be seen by 86thamendment of the Indian Constitution in the year 2002 when it has added the Right to Education under article 21(A) which incorporates free primary education for the children under the age group of 6 to 14 years and has made it one of the Fundamental Rights. And if the right is violated then the law breaker is sentenced to imprisonment for 6 months.

Since the last decade the government has been introducing various schemes in the field of education. These are:

  • National Literacy Mission Program
  • Midday Meal scheme (related to education as well as health)
  • Many educational schemes for category, minority and disabled students


Over and above the educational schemes, Indian Government has been doing great efforts to make education reachable to everyone especially for the poor and the unprivileged. Many national and external scholarships have been launched in the same direction.

  • The National Scholarships are:
  • Central Sector Scheme for Scholarship for College and University Students
  • Scheme for scholarships to students from Non-Hindi Speaking states for Post Metric Studies in Hindi
  • Special scholarships for Jammu- Kashmir students
  • The External Scholarships are:
  • Agatha Memorial Fellowships
  • Scholarships offered by China, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Italy, Mexico and Sri Lanka
  • Common Wealth Scholarships by UK and New Zealand


The government has a crucial role to play in making such students study whose guardians are not able to finance their study. The government offers various schemes and beneficiary services to such people that help them in attaining minimum level of education. The government provides free books and free education to the children. In fact, the students are also provided free meals in the schools by the government. Through these ways the government officials help the people that are below the poverty level to attain education. The government also provides assistance to the students with regard to their all sorts of academic tasks.

Thus, the government plays a very important role in supporting the education and making the economy grow.

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