Selecting the NY Traffic School

Nov 13


melville jackson

melville jackson

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NY traffic school can help you get up to a four point reduction in points on your NY driving record.


NY Traffic School

Any motorist can make a mistake and be cited for a traffic violation during his lifetime as a driver. Although getting one or two tickets during a driving career might not cause much trouble,Selecting the NY Traffic School Articles the best bet for an individual is be to keep his New York driving record as clean as possible.

One major reason for keeping your record clean is the auto insurance companies. These insurance companies determine your premium rate through your driving record. The higher the number of tickets on your driving record, the higher will be your premium.

Another more critical reason is the possible suspension of your license by the State of New York on the accumulation of too many violation points. This is where NY traffic school can help you.

Link between NY Traffic School and Tickets

NY traffic school can help drivers limit their traffic violations and the points on your license. If you get a speeding ticket or are cited for a moving violation in the state of New York, you usually receive points on your license. Points can range from three for speeding up to 10 MPH over the limit to 11 for driving at a speed more than 40 MPH beyond the limit. If you acquire 11 points on your New York driver’s license over a period of 18 months, there is a high probability of your license being suspended or revoked. But with the approval of the defensive driving courses in the state in May 2009, you have ways to rescue your license.

According to the state mandate, a person opting for the online NY traffic school can get:

  1. A 10% discount on his New York car insurance

  2. A maximum of four point of reduction in points on his NY driving record

Benefits Offered by Leading NY Traffic Schools

Ever since the approval of defensive driving courses in May 2009, several schools have cropped up across the state. Some of the top online providers offer certain benefits, giving them an edge over others, such as:

  1. You can go through the course at your speed as long as you complete the course within 30 days.

  2. You do not need to go through a final exam to complete the course.

  3. The fee for the course does not involve any hidden costs related to providing a certificate of completion and filing with the New York State’s Department of Motor Vehicle (NYS DMV).

  4. You do not have to download or install any special software.

  5. If you do not like the course for any reason, the entire cost will be refunded prior to the completion of the course.

  6. You can take the course again after 18 months to further reduce the points on your license.

One of the leading providers offering all these benefits is This NY traffic school has wide experience spanning more than 20 years in the field of educating people in defensive driving.