Should I learn magic tricks? Is it a skill worth learning?

Jul 7


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Magic often starts as a hobby, but a little bit of patience and consistent will-power to learn magic tricks can lead to a successful and promising professional magic career. Yes, you heard it right, it is very much possible and quite easy as well. Let us tell you how!


Magic often starts as a hobby,Should I learn magic tricks? Is it a skill worth learning? Articles but a little bit of patience and consistent will-power to learn magic tricks can lead to a successful and promising professional magic career. Yes, you heard it right, it is very much possible and quite easy as well. Let us tell you how!

A Peek into the History

Magic is about making the audience believe what you want them to believe. It is about getting them to look at the trick one way while you do something the other way. Great magicians have followed the same belief to learn magic tricks and created a global legacy – be it Harry Houdini, P.C. Sorcar, or David Copperfield.

How did Houdini become what he is today?

Harry Houdini: With an inclination towards magic since childhood, Houdini began his magic career in 1891. Houdini focused initially on traditional card tricks but didn’t gain much success. Houdini’s big break came in 1899 when he caught the attention of an entertainment manager Martin Beck. Impressed by Houdini’s handcuffs act, Beck advised him to concentrate on his escape acts. He was a master in vanishing and escape magic and soon became popular as “The Handcuff King.” Between 1900–1920 he appeared in many theatres performing escape acts, illusions, card tricks, and stunts, becoming one of the world’s highest-paid entertainers.

Pick Your Niche

Magic has a number of niches to choose from – vanishing acts, card tricks, transformation magic, escaping from the inescapable, predicting what people are thinking, destroying and creating new things, anti-gravity tricks, and much more. Most magicians choose a niche to learn magic tricks as it lets them master the act, they are good at. If you want to make a career in magic, the first step is to decide the niche you want to be known for and then work towards it.

Remember, choosing “your” niche is the stepping stone to a successful magic career.

Magical Tip – While performing magic always be wand-erfully prepared and confident.

Developing Magic Skills

Magic has been around for centuries. A good magician should know how to ace both – a great magic act and a far greater people act. Once you decide your niche, it’s time to jump into this challenging, fun, and rewarding career.

Firstly, start by learning simple tricks at home. Develop magic as your hobby and then start giving it a professional touch. To further develop the skills and learn magic tricks, read books, watch videos of other magicians, observe and practice. Create your unique magic routine while following improvisation.

Meet other professional magicians to expand your horizons. Get insights on what works and what doesn’t. Connecting with like-minded people can help with routine practices, recommendations, or finding good agents. You can also check out various magic clubs in your city or join online forums that make connecting with other magicians possible.

To add an academic flair to your skills, you can become an active member of dedicated magic organisations like the Society of American Magicians (SAM) or the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), or Academy of Magical Arts to expand your knowledge.

In the end, extreme ‘Passion for Magic’ and ‘Practice’ will help you ace the magic race!

Magical Tip: Make sure you ‘wow’ your audience.

Career Graph: Scope of Magic

Magicians can access many routes to pursue a career in magic. A lot of places like restaurants, corporate gigs, parties, the entertainment sector, cruise ships, pubs, and bars demand magicians. They can also work for events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or are self-employed. In addition, magicians can also host online lectures, workshops as well as monetise on social media.

A magician can earn anywhere between 10,000 INR to 25,000 INR, per show. In any career, the more your work experience, the more income you will generate. The same goes for magic. Your popularity and efficiency define your pay scale.

Magical tip: Try getting internships with well-established magicians – you will get to learn magic tricks like never before along with a ton of experience!

Why should you learn magic tricks?

Magic is an amalgamation of art and science, backed by human psychology. Learning magic is not only for entertainment or profession but is also an efficient social communication tool and a medium of self-development. Without any doubt, learning magic is definitely one of the best extracurricular activities to indulge yourself into.

-Public speaking and presentation skills

-Boosts confidence

-Hand and eye co-ordination

-Social skills

-Inspires curiosity and creativity

-Therapeutic purposes

-And much more!

Magical Tip – Just make sure you have fun while performing magic, rest everything will follow.

Pursuing a Magic Career Today

Magic was regarded as a dying ancient art, however, today with the breakthrough of educated people in the field, it has started gaining popularity. It is now referred to as the most modern and finest of all art forms. With the growth in the entertainment sector and the popularity of magic among children and youth, the art of magic is reviving its essence with increasing demand for professional artists.

Even if magic is just a hobby now, you can start edging your way towards the path of becoming a professional over the next years. For this, students should be encouraged to learn magic tricks by including magic in their list of extracurricular activities.

Allow them to go on their own voyage of exploring their passion with Learnpod Academy’s magic tricks online course. Maybe they won’t become a great magician today, but what’s better than them learning a skill they are genuinely good at that might become their career tomorrow?

Magical Tip- A good magician never ever reveals his trick, so what you learn at Learnpod Academy’s magic tricks online course will be ‘our’ shared little secret! (Shhh! No need to tell anyone.)