How to improve public speaking skills?

Jul 7


Learnpod Academy

Learnpod Academy

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As children start growing and becoming a part of society, they start to develop their own views and opinions about things. This makes it essential for them to be equipped with public speaking skills that will help them voice their opinion.


Do you want to see your child take the centre stage with confidence while speaking in front of an audience? Do you want them to get rid of their stage fright and improve public speaking skills?

As children start growing and becoming a part of society,How to improve public speaking skills? Articles they start to develop their own views and opinions about things. This makes it essential for them to be equipped with public speaking skills that will help them voice their opinion.

Speaking in front of people is something that children will always encounter in life. Be it reading in front of the class, speaking with peers, interviewing for jobs, or conducting presentations during various stages of their career. Developing effective public speaking is an important asset essential for achieving success in various aspects of life — personally and professionally. So, the earlier you start, the more effective and easier it is and in the world we are in today, an online public speaking workshop is just the right place for them to improve public speaking skills.

Fun Ways to Improve Public Speaking

1)Take inspiration from TEDx talks

There is no competition when it comes to taking inspiration from TEDx talks for public speaking and presentation skills! TEDx is a powerful resource consisting of speeches in an ocean of topics by various TEDx speakers that literally serve as the epitome of good public speaking skills.

Make children watch the TEDx talks and observe the various aspects of speaking. They will get answers to an array of questions like, ‘How to start a presentation?’, ‘How to make your speech exciting?’,’ How to connect with the audience? ‘How to improve public speaking skills’ and likewise.

And who knows, maybe someday you might attend your child’s own Ted talk!

Besides, specialised public speaking educational institutes like Toastmasters International helps kids to become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders via their engaging membership options.

2)Get involved in a variety of interactive activities

The world of opportunities opens up to us when we know how to communicate and get our point across. To be a proficient speaker, children should be able to adapt and speak in different public settings. This can be achieved by encouraging them to participate in not just one, but multiple activities like debates, speech and elocution competitions, stand-up performances, skits, dramas, and much more. Public speaking can be aced only when there is participation in a cohesive mix of academic and fun extracurricular activities for kids.

So, don’t worry, coz’ the next time your class teacher asks any question in class, you will be the first one to put your hand up and answer it confidently.

3)Don’t fear, instead, take the lead

Remember the time when you were asked to recite a poem in front of the class and you were so nervous? We have all faced this situation.

Regardless of age or experience, most people don’t like speaking in front of an audience. In fact, it has always been like that. The main reason for the existence of this ‘fear barrier’ in people is under-developed public speaking skills. To avoid this, teach children how to take the lead right from the start.

Are they scared to talk with many people? Encourage them to speak in a class full of students.

Are they scared of being judged by their peers? Make them talk in front of you.

Are they scared to take the first step towards public speaking? Enroll them in Learnpod Academy’s online public speaking workshop that assures a safe space for kids to open up by guiding them in the direction to improve public speaking skills.

4)Use the medium of videos to build confidence

Another effective way to improve public speaking skills in kids is through the process of recording them while they are speaking. This medium helps them to look at the recorded video of themselves creating room for self-analyzation and self-improvement. Besides, the benefits of extracurricular activitieslike public speaking can also help them in their career graph as a large number of companies these days conduct online interviews.

A video camera is a great way to teach kids how to perform well in public. Parents can get them to listen to themselves making them aware of how they sound in public. It helps to overcome problems like fumbling or bad posture. This process helps in improvisation thus resulting in better and clearer speech.

5)Provide feedback

It is important to provide feedback to children, more importantly an honest one. Instead of interrupting wait for them to complete speaking before providing your input. Perfection doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and vigor. To achieve this, it is necessary to train children from an early stage.

So, the next time your child is reciting a poem or reading a lesson in front of you, pat their back and give a constructive response. Remember, the way to improve public speaking skills in your child is through positive feedback.

Why is it really important to develop the art of public speaking in kids?

·Makes them a confident communicator

·Develops social skills

·Improves the power of persuasion

·Helps to speak with conviction


·Builds leadership skills

·Boosts academic proficiency

·Makes them future-ready

Kids can turn into natural and proficient speakers and can lose their fears and inhibitions of public speaking if they are trained at an early age. So, as a parent make sure you tick off the public speaking course from your kid’s check list of extracurricular activities.

Do you want your kid to learn effective public speaking techniques? Learnpod Academy can help your child become a powerful public speaker by instilling in them higher confidence and self-esteem via interactive and engaging workshops. We make today’s kids future-ready for tomorrow’s success.

So, invest in building your child’s public speaking skills and watch them become an effective public speaker!