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Years of studying are finally paying off for today's software engineers. Job search website recently ranked 200 jobs from best to worst based on five criteria including salary, stress levels, hiring outlook, physical demands, and work environment. 

The top job for 2012: software engineer.

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According to the CareerCast study,Guest Posting software engineer beat out positions including physician, Web developer, computer programmer, and financial planner, thanks to through-the-roof demand and excellent pay. In fact, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for software engineers in 2010 was $90,530 per year. And the demand for software engineers is on the rise, with an estimated growth rate of 30% between 2010 and 2020--more than double the 14% average growth rate for all occupations.

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"Over the last few years there's definitely been a 20% to 25% uptick in salary for software engineers," said Tom Janofsky, VP of software engineering at Monetate, a Philadelphia-based provider of marketing optimization technology and a 15-year software engineer veteran. "I feel like I live in a different economy. We're constantly hiring, which is so different from what I hear on the news. It's sort of surreal."

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But great pay and plentiful job opportunities aren't the only aspects of what makes the role of software engineer an enviable IT position. The collaboration, creative thinking, and hands-on experimentation required of software engineers can lead to an ever-evolving career path.

Just ask Ruchi Sanghvi. Facebook's first female engineer, Sanghvi worked her way from "an office space in downtown Palo Alto right above a Chinese restaurant" to the executive office of Dropbox, where she's currently the VP of operations.

Consider these five advantages of a software engineer career path:

1. Tons Of Flextime: Artsy Web designers aren't the only IT professionals who get to think outside the box--and work outside the cubicle. "Being a software engineer is a really creative job," said Janofsky. "There's a lot of freedom around workplace hours and a lot of the work can be done remotely from home--perks people typically associate with more creative positions."

2. Cool Colleagues: A big part of software engineering is constant trial-and-error--an experimental spirit that's likely to attract those who "enjoy theoretical problem-solving" rather than IT professionals "from more traditional IT roles like systems administration," said Janofsky. As a result, he said, "some people who come to our company and interview for a position may not have even studied to become a software engineer, but maybe wrote a game that's available in an app store. It's very much a field that's open and accessible to people that may not have a traditional computer science background." 

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