Some Things Foreign Student living in London Should Be Aware Of

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Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to navigate through your life in London. These tips will help you assist in education help or just living in London. Chances are you have entered into the University of your choice in London. 

A lot of research goes into it. It doesn't matter if you still think there is still time. As an international student in London,Guest Posting there are a ton of different new and exciting avenues to explore. Saving money as students to finding the right accommodation that meets your needs. Here are some tips that you should know:


Sorting your visa out is the first thing to do. Know your place and intent and fill out the application. For the visa process, the students are required to Tier 4 Student Visa for education purposes. The documents that are needed are very straight forward. But don't be afraid to take university help. University aid makes a good impression and helps boost the chances of Visa acceptance. If you want to earn some money on the side, know you can work for up to 20 hours a week.

Accommodation: Self-rented? Shared accommodation? Hostels? That's just a bunch of fancy words for own, sharing and dormitory. Renting can be a tricky thing to do. There are some ways you can narrow down your options i.e. by setting preferences. Checking in University and comparing rents before even applying for a visa. Visa process can slow down if proof of residency isn't shown. Hence work on think it through and look into sharing options. Most international students look into sharing options that help save money on rent.   Budget Utensils:

Books and stationery can add up quite a lot to the bill. Find alternatives using the internet. Usually, the best option for students in the university library and is that doesn't work out. You can always check in with the local library. Most students find better offers online and better help online. So don't be afraid to go on eBay and similar websites for material help. Sometimes reaching out to alumni's and graduates can help get good material for study.

Academic Writing Skills:

UK universities highly depend on the placement of papers. The paper accounts for up to 30-70 percent of the final decision. So get to learning and polishing your writing skills. Use help from technology, use mobiles phones to learn English and improve skills. Be a professional writer it can help you not only in this paper but also in life. So please take it as a lifelong lesson. Learn to master writing skills and beware of the dos and don'ts of written communication. One must be able to master these skills if there is any intellect at all. So make sure you ace the paper writing. 'I do proper research of the matter. It aids when I write my assignment' a UOL Alumni. So do your research correctly. And be creative, increase vocabulary.


Save yourself from the hassle of currency exchange and the complex billing system. Do the banks only ask for proof of identity for that the university acceptance letter is enough? Students are often prompted with joining bonus. Where a bank pays the students for joining. The banks can provide essential information to you and can take care of your utility bills and expenses. If need be banks can always provide loans and help students with a secure payment schedule.

Travel Tips:

An oyster car can help use London underground and overground transport services. It is a contactless travel card that holds money which can be used to pay for things and use services. It's only fair if you are sensible and plan. Buying a ticket a month before can help you save money and chances of being overcharged. You can always ask for discounts when travelling in a taxi. The plastic card if lost can be transferred into a new one.


if you don't want to get into the hassle of dealing with healthcare documentation and processes. Get European Health Insurance Card which provides aid in visa. The only document the need is a medical test and financial proof that is all. This is the best way to make sure health is covered to abstain from overpaying for medical.


Don't be afraid to ask for a discount. Most shopkeepers recognize how tough living has been mainly for students. Many places in this pursuit to drive more customers in advertise student discounts. These discounts can be availed using student card of euro card. That's it! You can save from 10 GBP to 90 GBP per day using these discounts. Don't worry and get NUS cards that provide exclusive offers that can be used as a backhand. Just see how far the university card takes you.

On The Town:

There are so many restaurants, bars and nightclubs right around every block. London can be a secure place to spend money. If you want to go out dancing, don't shy from asking friends in contribution. The contribution is usually the way to go it helps save cost overall. It's easy after a night out drinking to wake up to a headache and painful memory of money that has been spent. So try to calm your nerves and abstain from overspending on things that are not necessary.

Some tastes cards can be bought. You can be a professional taster to provide real-life feedback for trying new things. So please don't be ashamed of it, it's more than fun than healthy eating. Plus, you eat high-quality meals that are pricey for restaurants for mostly free. So get tasting! Like most students say living as a student doesn't mean that you have to eat beans toast every time. Keep an eye for coupons and new restaurants, and they usually offer free trial food.


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