Sorenson’s Ranch School offers diverse classes to help troubled teens

Dec 17


Vadim Mineev

Vadim Mineev

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At Sorenson’s Ranch students learn in the classroom and also by real life experience. Troubled teens often need their minds challenged and Sorenson’s ranch is able to do that on an individual basis with the low number of students in each class.


The elective classes offered at Sorenson’s Ranch School are very diverse. As an example Foods and Nutrition classes help students learn to prepare and eat nutritous meals and the importance eating right plays in overall health. They learn that making physical activity a part of that their daily routine is also an essential part of their well-being. At Sorenson’s Ranch School,Sorenson’s Ranch School offers diverse classes to help troubled teens Articles struggling teens have the opportunity to participate in cooking labs once a week. In these labs they learn basic cooking techniques, such as reading a recipe, measuring, and preparing healthy menus. The students are always under close supervision, and are able to learn essential life skills. Another unique area in which Sorenson’s Ranch helps troubled teens and students is learning about finances. When did you first learn about balancing a checkbook? When did you learn about managing your credit cards and other finances? Many troubled youth in today’s society do not fully understand these and other financial concepts, so Sorenson’s Ranch offers a Financial Literacy course. The course helps students learn to write checks and will help them understand how the banking system works. They learn about insurance and investments and they use a “Hands on Banking” interactive computer course that will help them become more financially responsible. These unique classes and many others help Sorenson’s Ranch assist troubled teens in receiving the education that they need. Small class sizes and a dedicated staff make the education at Sorenson’s effective and life-changing. Education is important and cannot be overlooked when searching for a troubled youth camp or boot camp program. Sorenson’s Ranch School has the necessary tools to help students overcome their problems. Call 1-800-455-4590 today for more information. You can also visit the Sorenson’s Ranch website at