Featured School of the Week May 21, 2007: Bay Vista Beauty Academy

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Candidates seeking Beauty Industry careers find that  Bay Vista Beauty Academy in National City, Featured School of the Week May 21, 2007: Bay Vista Beauty Academy Articles California offers quality education, diversity, and serenity. Encompassing nearly 6,000 square foot campus, Bay Vista Beauty Academy combines all the working amenities of a high-class Salon and school: a facial room, clinic area, student lunchroom, equipped freshman room, and reception area. According to Patricia Mayhue, Placement Director of Bay Vista Beauty Academy, the school's facilities are top-notch. "The Academy has three classes -- the newest is the Makeup artistry classroom -- and students have marble and stone vanities that fold down as desk workstations." In fact, she believes potential students will be so impressed by the offerings, they should make a visit to the school to help in their decision. "Anytime anyone wants to tour the facility, we are very proud of the way it looks and happy to show it off," she says.

The cosmetology program at Bay Vista Beauty Academy consists of 1,600 clock hours, which includes the "Pivot Point" curriculum. "By being a Pivot Point member school, we use the very best educational materials, programs, and systems for every facet of the beauty industry," says Mayhue. Students in this course of study learn hands-on, scientific approaches to hair sculpturing in men and women, Hair Design, long hair design, perm design, and color design. In addition, Bay Vista Beauty Academy was recently approved for Cosmetology 102 course, which combines the cosmetology program with 150 hours in makeup design and makeup artistry.

Bay Vista Beauty Academy's manicuring program consists of 400 classroom/clinical hours and includes in-depth instruction in artificial nails (acrylic, tips, wraps), manicuring, pedicuring, health, safety, sanitation, and applicable laws. "We've recently expanded the nail tech program, which meets all needs of traditional spas," Mayhue continue. Programming even includes makeup artistry from the Mudd Institute curriculum, she says.

Specialized programs include the Bay Vista Beauty Academy's Alumni association, which is free to students. "We encourage everyone to sign up as it offers service and retail discounts to graduates, as well as advanced education." Additionally, the Academy's artistic director is building a "MAT Team" which is a master artistic team that will work on designing a new fall collection. "Our goal is to display our student's work on campus." Also noteworthy is that Bay Vista Beauty Academy's community ambassadors participate in local programs, where they perform extracurricular functions in shelters, womens' groups, high schools, and other events. (Community ambassadors are student design teams that have a 90% GPA and attendance record.)

Successful graduates of Bay Vista Beauty Academy are awarded a diploma in their respective studies. And, if career services are needed, Maynue explains that the school is ready to help. "We work diligently to make sure students are pre-applied for [necessary certification] exams and work to help them with resumes, job leads, and salon interaction to make strong relationships so students can expect some great employment options."

Bay Vista Beauty Academy participates in a variety of financial aid programs and loans, including the Pell grant for those who qualify. Furthermore, Bay Vista Beauty Academy is accredited by the NACASS (National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences) and CAPS (California Accredited Private Postsecondary Schools. "This means that we are very proactive in the industry," explains Mayhue. "To have affiliation with these [organizations] means you are striving for excellence and want to stand out beyond the norm. It's definitely something we like to have in cosmetology -- to align with individuals that share the same goal; these memberships support that vision of raising the bar in schools."

Overall, Mayhue emphasizes Bay Vista Beauty Academy's reputation: "The staff is very dedicated and that adds to the facility. We're very progressive and we all have the students' education at heart. It's the quality of education that makes us different: the design team, community involvement, and soundness of our education. The reputation of this school sells itself." recognizes Bay Vista Beauty Academy and applauds its culturally diverse and quality standards in Cosmetology Training. If you would like more information about this fine beauty school, please visit Bay Vista Beauty Academy today.

Featured School the Week: Bay Vista Beauty Academy

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