Speak English Confidently With Help of English Pronunciation Online

Aug 16


Tracey Ingram, M,S., M.A.

Tracey Ingram, M,S., M.A.

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The article discusses an effective accent training program that has been used successfully by many professionals. It describes the customized materials and some of the techniques which are conveniently available online.


Speaking fluent and confident English is the dream of most foreign born professionals. Although many people are good at written English,Speak English Confidently With Help of English Pronunciation Online Articles they fail at the correct pronunciation of the words. The American native accent is desirable by so many, yet there is great pressure to be able to communicate in proper spoken English. At the workplace and in regular life, the inability to speak English with proper accent can cause misunderstanding and embarrassment for everyone. It can be frustrating and uncomfortable for a person to repeat himself to be understood or not understood at all. 


Accent training is an extremely helpful way to learn the correct way to pronounce words and sentences properly.  At the Institute of Accent Modification located in Chicago, Illinois, people who do not speak English as their mother tongue can learn to speak English with proper American accent. The program initially begins with a personal analysis of the client’s speech.  This analysis will reveal exactly how their pronunciation varies from standard American English and to determine whether a group or individual course is more effective. The customized programs can be taken by students anywhere in the world. Your coach will also have specialized materials to help organize your practice sessions at home.


Medical professionals, students, and corporate executives, have benefited from the American accent training programs at the Institute of Accent Modification. Students are given complete attention from experienced accent coaches who have years of experience helping students learn the American accent. The course material of American accent program is designed with students of all nationalities in mind, so that the exercises and examples in the program can help them in learning quickly and easily.


An English pronunciation online program can help students gain confidence while speaking in public or within their organization. When students practice English pronunciation techniques in the American accent training program, students improve their presentation skills and also their productivity at work. Interested students can also get a free speech analysis and bonus 30 minute consultation to know their level of English proficiency and how much they need to improve.


The English pronunciation online customized programs at the Institute of Accent Modification have been developed after more than 20 years of applied research, and with students who speak well over 100 different languages.  Find out more about our programs by browsing through http://www.instituteofaccentmodification.com/