Teacher’s Ethics

Oct 19


Paul Jones

Paul Jones

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Considering the fact that students spend a great part of their life at school, one may come to conclusion that schools contribute significantly into overall ‘quality’ of life of students. No wonder that personality of a teacher is of crucial importance; moreover, some teachers turn into extremely important people for the whole life due to the impact they make while teaching us. It is good if this impact is positive and brings motivation for students, however, it sometimes happens that teachers manage to spoil not only mood of a student but intrude into internal world, leaving unpleasant vestige there.

Teacher’s ethics is an essential component of teacher’s behavior as such,Teacher’s Ethics Articles if we define ethics as a set of moral principles and standards one is guided of in one’s life and interaction with others. Principles are the matter of discussion, of course, because they are related to values; and no wonder that they differ, depending on individual or social perception. However, there is such an understanding as professional ethics and such principles and standards are set in company’s policy, for example. Furthermore, professional ethics may be a matter of the whole industry or sphere of work. In this regard teacher’s ethics is a vivid example of the case.

Actually, teacher’s ethics is important because teachers deal with young people, young personalities, that are growing and developing at school. If we can write off indecent behavior of even some manager, indecent behavior of a teacher is a serious matter to consider. Children are quite vulnerable and any rude word can hurt them. Besides, we should also consider the fact that children are interacting in a small community, meaning class; and that is why they may be too easily embarrassed by rudeness or tactless remarks in their address. A lot of schools even have a written policy with guidelines for teachers where they define appropriate behavior of teachers. Sometimes students have a bit different perception of teachers’ appropriate behavior and even develop something like student teacher code of ethics. It is really great if school administration consults students on such problems and if they together create common guidelines. That would mean more mutual understanding among teachers and students. Besides, the way of teacher’s behavior is an example for students, because as the saying goes, “Teachers teach more by what they are than by what they say”. This statement is hard to argue with. So, what are the basic things any teacher should follow in order to be professionally and personally ethical? First of all, no teacher should demonstrate that there are his “favorites” among students. It is natural if teacher has larger sympathy to some students more than to the rest. But he should never show it in order not to hurt others. Attitude should be unbiased. No sexual, racial or any other discrimination can be justified. At school each student should feel at home, rather than feel stranger. Only in this case, he or she will want to study and do that enthusiastically. Evaluation is an important part of educational process. Being fair and objective when estimating student’s research paper or other assignments is binding. Teacher should feel when there is a necessity to be strict or when mildness will bring more results. Anyway, anger should not be companion to teacher. Even when some deed of a student makes you feel absolutely frustrated or even mad, you should stay calm and deal with the problem adequately. Sometimes it happens that students buy term papers or cheat some other way. That should be punished. But punishing doesn’t mean humiliation.

Working as a teacher brings a lot of pleasure, especially when you see nice fruit of your work. But teaching is not only about pleasure and easy communication. Teaching means complicated interaction with your students who are all individuals; and that’s why ethics should be one of top priorities in the course of such interaction. If teacher manages to be professionally ethical, that guarantees a significant part of positive results, which in its turn guarantees nice impetus for students’ further development.