The Importance Of SAT Prep

Sep 5


Andrew Stratton

Andrew Stratton

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With so much riding on test scores, formal SAT prep can help students get the most out of their future educational opportunities. Every dollar spent can be looked at as an investment into your child and his or her future.

Is it really necessary to set up professional SAT prep courses for your child? Is it possible to skip over the formal classes and tutoring and just try to handle it on your own? While students every day take the test without any help from parents,The Importance Of SAT Prep Articles teachers, or tutors, these test takers go in at a disadvantage. With competition increasing in both the educational industry as well as the job market, anything to help a child get an edge on test taking is well worth the cost and the effort.

The Basics of the Test

Students that experience SAT prep learn the basics of the test and how it works. For the most part, this test is taken by juniors in high school, however there are seniors that often test late or retake the test. There are also sophomores that take the test early or take the pretest in order to get ready. The majority of the assessment is multiple choice. Each correct answer earns the test taker a point while an incorrect answer deducts one fourth of a point (except in the math grid portion).

There are two different types of tests that a student can sign up for. The Reasoning Test covers three different subjects including mathematics, critical reading, and writing. Scores can range anywhere from 600 to 2400. There are ten different sections that need to be completed during the four hours provided. The Subject Test is more specific in that it only covers information in one topic and shows academic competence.

The Weight of the Test

Most post-secondary educational facilities request a student's scores on this test as part of the admissions process. While there are some exceptions and it is possible for a student to get a waiver, for the most part, going through the SAT prep and taking the test is the best option. In addition to college admissions, the test may also be used for financial aid and scholarship purposes. Because it is so important, the test is offered several times a year and students can take it multiple times in order to get the best score possible.

The Options for Preparation

While there are all types of handbooks and websites that offer SAT prep options, having help from a professional tutor is always the best option. Here you can learn more information about how the test works and the type of questions that you are sure to see. The test tends to be more about analysis and problem solving that just straight content knowledge. Because of this, SAT prep programs often work to get a student ready to look at the questions and independently think and come up with the most probable answer.

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