Things you should consider while choosing the PGDM specialization

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While PGDM programs are AICTE approved, the governing body is the epitome of approvals for a million things – PGDM. The best college for PGDM or any top B School is governed by this body with the best MBA colleges also bound by AICTE.AICTE is All India Council for Technical Education, a governing body that incorporates PGDM and its every fact and figure.


PGDM Paradigm


Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a management diploma program. Students enroll in this program integrated as an educational product in a residential institute. The residential institute requires the accreditation and recognition,Guest Posting a stamp on the PGDM program, for the students to confidently take admissions in the program.


What are the PGDM Specializations Available in the Educational Market?


While the main four specializations in the PGDM program are Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Human Resource, there are many industry specific specializations that have become famous with aspiring management students. A few specializations are stars in their own field & are listed below:


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Retail Management
  • General Management
  • International Business
  • E-Business
  • Banking, Investment & Insurance
  • Services Excellence
  • Rural and Agri Business
  • Media and Advertising
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Healthcare Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • E-Commerce
  • IT Project Management



Things you should consider while choosing the PGDM specialization:


  • Accredited & Recognized along with being in line with the various specializations


A PGDM program needs recognition from a governing body. A PGDM without accreditation is a wasted curriculum. A PGDM well recognized runs blindly on its own. A stamped credential is much better than a simple piece of paper stating you have completed a program. Similarly, if there is an accreditation process involved while the PGDM program was underway, it only means there is something relevant to be offered in the chosen specialization.


  • Has a Good Industry Specific Faculty and a Support System


Every institute makes their faculty members their listed assets on their website or they are frequently honored with awards and accolades. A good support system for the students remains intact, and the expected service provided through the different communication modes is truly impactful keeping the students as the institutes’ alive and breathing testimonials forever.


  • Specialization Chosen has the Key Learning Outcomes


While every PGDM specialization is made with certain practical elements for experiential education to be kept in mind, every specialization should be current, industry specific, and relevant. Deciding on the specializations while taking up a management course a specialization should not only be the consideration factor while choosing the PGDM program. Ascertaining if the institute is one of the best colleges for PGDM is also a significant factor. Every specialization is completely based on the changes in the industry.


  • Placement Assistance And Job Opportunities Pertaining To The Industry


While a credible certificate will blindly give you a job, the best college for PGDM will create job events, campus hiring, and invite top brands of the industry chosen to take their students to give them the chance they deserve. Every industry pertaining to every specialization creates specific designations.



  • Affordable, Flexible & Convenient to the Specifics


While choosing the specialization, the affordability of the PGDM program should be one of the above criteria to make a plausible & a successful career. PGDM program specializations vary in their fee structure from any top b school to the best college for PGDM making it easier to choose from the available budget.


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A student here at iFEEL Management Institute in Pune gets molded into magnificent leaders with the growth factor as huge as the mountains close by to the physical campus of iFEEL at Lonavala. The serene atmosphere brings out the calm attitude of the students, and finally the 2 yr AICTE approved PGDM program brings the diverse students from all over the world to enjoy this experience.

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