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DBGI Dehradun has been performing at par with other colleges of the same type in India. With the most elegant Teaching staff having industry experience, DBGI Dehradun ensures a broad collection of courses to choose from. 

Your search for the best MBA Colleges in Uttarakhand ends here! Today we offer the leading college in MBA in Uttarakhand. DBGI Dehradun has been performing at par with other colleges of the same type in India. With the most elegant Teaching staff having industry experience,Guest Posting DBGI Dehradun ensures a broad collection of courses to choose from. Therefore, the best MBA college in Uttarakhand is DBGI. We provide a concise report of the college and what it offers for MBA aspirants in the succeeding paragraphs.

Understanding the need to perform world-leading researchers, academicians, engineers, and doctors, DBGI was established in the year 2005 with a temporal maxim of building capable manpower to fuel the Indian industrial and technological development. From that period to this date, the flow of knowledge that started is an ongoing process. And the college still tries to provide to its objectives.

With plenty of placement opportunities, in primary industries, and MNC corporate recruiters, DBGI has a unique place among other colleges in our country. Proficient Lectures, diverse seminars, International conferences, well-equipped libraries, Classrooms, and laboratories complement the building of knowledge sharing and teaching guidance. 

Courses @ Dev Bhoomi School of Business Management

The MBA program at DBGI, offers eight electives, namely MBA-Finance, MBA-Human Resource (HR), MBA Marketing, MBA International Business, MBA Information Technology, MBA Agri-Business. We are also offering three specializations namely MBA Big Data Analytics, MBA Logistics, and Supply Chain Management, and MBA Innovation Entrepreneurship and Venture Development under Dev Bhoomi School of Business Management (DBSBM).

MBA-Supply chain & Logistics

With the accelerated completion of the sectors like e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing, the process of the product cycle thus the series of collecting the raw material to producing the final product to market has earned a lot more influence. With the constant steep in the number of e-commerce and retail sites, there has been an immense need for candidates who have done MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management are two twisted and connected concepts that not solely help decrease the company’s overall costs for the generation of goods and/or services but also, improve the overall impact and response of the level of service for the companies’ target audience.

MBA-Agri Business Programme

The two-year MBA (Agri-Business Programme) at Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is intended to transform dynamic & determined Agri-graduates into hi-tech Agri-Business Managers for Agri industries in India.

MBA in Big Data Analytics

Dev Bhoomi School of Business Management (DBSBM) allows MBA in Big Data Analytics a two-year-long, postgraduate-level administration education program that primarily focuses on data programming and modeling, which are used to convert data into insights and insights in business judgments. The boundless MBA program in Data Analytics sells with conferring quantitative methods and evidence-based data mining techniques for business modeling and data-driven decision making. These underlying ideas and techniques include leveraging operations and statistical analysis, developing prophetic models, applying optimization methods, etc. An MBA with a big data analytics specialization equips you for careers in brand management, strategic planning, risk management, public finance, and management consulting.

MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Development

The curriculum of MBA in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Development at Dev Bhoomi School of Business Management (DBSBM) equips students with a growing and effective course curriculum that provides penetration into the real world of start-ups. The unique strength of the program is that it combines theory with practical, thus allowing students to test their learning by creating real business plans, working on field projects, and gaining admittance and insight from professionals in the entrepreneurial business community.

Career Opportunities after MBA

After triumphantly finishing the MBA program, students can build a career in a wide range of fields. MBA is a gateway to the corporate world as it allows various lucrative career opportunities. The degree helps in creating globally conscious and ethical business leaders who have the expertise and a lot of academic and practical knowledge about the field. But the decision of the profession is directly proportional to the specialization you chose, the certain conventional job profiles available for the candidates in diverse sectors including finance, human resource, public relations, technology, hospitality, investment, management, etc. are-:

Financial Managers

Marketing Manager

Management Consultant

Investment Banker

Operation Manager

IT Manager

HR Manager

Manager Analyst

Investment Fund Manager

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