Viking Magic! Iolite Earrings...

Apr 24


Donna Phillips

Donna Phillips

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Explore the mystic, magic, and beauty of the gemstone Iolite!...

Iolite Earrings For A Touch Of Viking Magic!Dark and alluring,Viking Magic! Iolite Earrings... Articles Iolite earrings can give you a mysterious look associated with the shamans of old. Mystically, it is a major gem of the 6th Chakra and it is said that iolite aids in astral travel and helps improve people's psychic powers. It is considered to bring balance to male and female energies. It is also believed to have amazing healing powers.

According to history, Iolite is one gem closely associated with the Vikings. It is believed that they took iolite with them on voyages and used it as a filter so they could look and the sun and check their position. The reason for this is that it is pleochroic, which means that it is a different colour from three different axes. Iolite is violet blue to purple in colour, depending on which angle you look at it and is bluest at 90 degrees from the sun. Hence it's value as a navigational tool for those days. Blue like a sapphire on one side and clear as water on the others and a honey yellow if viewed another way, it has often been described as "water sapphire".

Today very affordable and is readily mined in Brazil, India, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. It is thought that the Vikings are thought to have mined theirs in Greenland and Norway, where it can still be found. It is a fairly hard gemstone but can be shaped like most gemstones. Because it is so durable and not overly expensive, it is fast becoming a fashionable stone to wear.

Gaining in popularity iolite earrings can add the finishing touch to your outfit and in some cases reflect your mood. The stones can be used alone or in combination with other gems. Oval or cubes cut iolite surrounded by different swirls of 14 carat white or yellow gold give an elegant look. For a more simple yet classic look teardrop, round or oval cut stones set again in 14 carat white or yellow gold studs. Used with mauve, pink or white pearl as centers with iolite petals all set with sterling silver the effect is stunning. Small carat diamonds are often added to iolite earrings to have the shimmering white of the diamond contrast with the deeper hues of the iolite. But, as costume jewelry, iolite earrings can be set in sterling silver with a variety of looks such as drop and dangling earrings alone or with out stones such as, but not limited to, amethyst, blue topaz, pink tourmaline or colored enamel. Settings can be Victorian and other antique styles, dainty and elegant, bold and showy or merely a simple classic setting.

Depending on the setting, the other stones you may use and whether or not you use 14 carat or 18 carat gold the price of purchasing iolite earrings can vary from under $10 to well over the $200 mark. These stunning stones will look fantastic as earrings set in any setting you choose to suit your style.