Fear Not When Buying A Diamond! Use the Four C's...

Apr 23


Donna Phillips

Donna Phillips

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Buying a diamond can be a very important decision and maybe one of the most expensive purchases you will make. Don't panic! Learn the about the 4 C's and other tips to guide you when buying a diamond, be it a ring, a pendant or a pair of earrings.

A diamond is one of the biggest purchases you will make - but don't worry!You are about to purchase a diamond. You have heard that buying a diamond can be a complicated and sometimes nerve-wracking experience. But you are determined to learn all that you need in order to ensure a successful purchase. As with all purchases,Fear Not When Buying A Diamond! Use the Four C's... Articles preparation and research are essential elements of the process. Remember to look for certain things in a diamond. The four most important things to look for in a diamond are its cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Why knowledge of the "Four C's" is your best friendOften referred to as the "Four C's", a diamond's cut, clarity, color, and carat reveal to you the quality of the diamond, and hence, its appropriate value. This value should be reflected in the price. Be aware that many people who sell diamonds will try to take advantage of buyers who are not educated in the "Four C's". This is partly why you need to learn as much about them as you can.

The cut of a diamond is precisely what it sounds like - the way in which someone known as a master cutter cuts it. Remember that the attractive shape of a diamond is not the way it is originally found. It comes in a very rough form and is eventually shaped with the utmost care and precision.

A diamond's clarity is the extent to which light can pass through it. An ideal diamond will allow plenty of light to pass through. The amount of light that gets through a diamond is based on the number of inclusions naturally found in it. These inclusions are essentially birthmarks that can come in all sizes. The fewer the inclusions, the higher the value of the diamond. The best way to discover these marks is by viewing a diamond under 10x magnification. It takes a highly trained eye to identify these marks. While you may not have the training necessary to accurately label a diamond's clarity, you will benefit by studying up on the process and letting your diamond retailer know that you have a clue as to what is going on.

When it comes to a diamond's color, you may be surprised to learn that the absence of color actually makes a diamond more valuable. The less color that a diamond has, the more likely white light is to pass through it, thus resulting in a highly desired rainbow of colors. While diamonds can come in a variety of colors - such as pink, brown, or blue - try to find one that is colorless. Be prepared to pay more for a diamond that features less color.

The weight of a diamond is known as its carat. A carat is divided into 100 points. Thus, a diamond with 65 points weighs .65 carats. For obvious reasons, a diamond's carat (weight) is its most easily discovered characteristic.

Buying a diamond final thought: Don't be intimidated and don't give into any pressure to buy until you feel comfortable!Buying a diamond can be a harrowing experience. It can be an very important personal decision and maybe, depending on the size of the diamond or diamonds, one of the more expensive purchases you will make. You want to be happy with your purchase. The experts who work in the diamond industry often intimidate people. You, however, no longer need to worry about the eventual purchase of a diamond. You understand the basics and are willing to research all of your options. Remember the "Four C's" - cut, clarity, color, and carat - of a diamond. Be willing to ask questions of your diamond retailer and don't hesitate to do more research. Most importantly, seek out an expert who has an excellent reputation in the field. Ask around to any friends or even, very politely, someone wearing a diamond similar to what you are looking for. Your ideal diamond is out there. Now take the time to find it.