What are the benefits of doing an M.Tech?

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VGI believes in creating an environment that nurtures engineering talent & therefore, we allow direct admission in M.Tech without Gate.

Practice oriented people did most of the innovations in Science & technology. Noticeable here is the achievement by Mr. Vijay Sharma Paytm founder, who attributed his success to the practical skills gained in labs.


The benefits of doing an M.Tech are many because an M.Tech offers specialization in your subject domain that imparts superior skills.

This empowers the student with advanced engineering skills crucial for a job.

India is a progressive country where we need to innovate new technologies. An M.Tech is adept in his domain & therefore can work on key technologies.

The world is striving to discover new technologies for the benefit of mankind. An (M.Tech) is qualified to work on key technologies because he is an expert in his domain.

There are several engineering consultancies in India. They look for engineers who are experts in their field.

These consultancies offer good salary & provide a serene work environment. They value the Indian engineer for his problem solving ability & sincerity.

A specialization in engineering is valued because they have superior domain knowledge crucial for innovation.

We value an M.Tech because of their advanced engineering knowledge that is the basis for discovery.

Women engineers who have sacrificed their careers owing to family commitments can pursue an M.Tech & restart a successful career.

An M.Tech with some years of experience is better equipped for a senior position because of his experience & education.

The Atmanirbhar Bharat envisages the development of indigenous technology because we want to improve our fiscal deficit.

An M.Tech can introduce better manufacturing techniques that are cost effective & can earn valuable foreign exchange.

Major company’s recruit an M.Tech in Research & Development because of their expertise in innovation & research.

No nation can progress without innovation because innovation is the key to growth & development.

India is lagging in key technology of 5G,What are the benefits of doing an M.Tech? Articles space exploration, warfare technology, mass rapid transit systems to name a few.

Defense technology is India’s pain point because every year we spend millions purchasing weapons.

The Government is trying for self-reliance through a course in defense technology. Engineering is the backbone of the country’s growth & development.

Many professionals, after a few years of experience, want to augment their qualifications because they are looking for a consultant profile.

An M.Tech degree offers them the skill required by an engineering consultant.

We all know that India wants to grow its defense exports. This requires expertise in warfare technology through research & Development.

For roles in Weapons engineering, we require an M.Tech in mechanical & electrical engineering.

PSUs like DRDO, BEL & Bharat dynamics hire them for developing new weapons because of their expertise in mechanical & electrical field.

An M.Tech is an asset for an engineering company because they can provide solutions to complex engineering problems.

Major automobile companies employ an M.Tech for developing better transport vehicles because an M.Tech is an expert in his domain.

India is undergoing a rapid transformation of its infrastructure because of the construction of new highways & expressways.

We are using new techniques of road & underpass construction through minimal disruption to previous structures.

These initiatives require expert engineers who can design & develop these pathways.

An M.Tech in highway & structure engineering prepares one for a specialist role in this domain.

Even during the pandemic, the construction of highways & roads has continued steadily.

There is tremendous scope for an M.Tech in Civil engineering because we need environment friendly buildings.

NHAI sub contracts its work to companies that offer excellent opportunities for an M.Tech.

An M.Tech in environment engineering offers consultancy for constructing buildings that are environment friendly.

Consultancies like NBCC (National Buildings Construction Company) offer expertise in building structures that are environment friendly.

They employ an M.Tech because of their specialization in the civil domain.

An M.Tech is an advanced level engineer who has specialized in a branch of engineering.

They offer expert advice because of which they are in demand.

India is striving to develop advanced communication technology like 5G & 6G. This requires specialist electronics & communications engineer who can work on new technologies.

Communications companies employ an M.Tech because of their expertise in communications area.

India is home to the largest number of engineering colleges & universities in the world. An M.Tech is mandatory for a teaching role in an engineering college.

An M.Tech allows one to take up teaching roles because of their specialization.

The teaching profile is stable & offers lucrative salary.

For girls, an M.Tech degree allows them to take up teaching career, which is both rewarding & time bound.

After an M.Tech, one can pursue PhD & take up senior roles in academics & consultancies.

For teaching jobs in engineering colleges, an M.Tech is mandatory because they have the knowledge which empowers them for teaching.

India is building the mass transit system as RRTS (Rapid rail Transit system) which will ferry large populations.

These constructions require specialists in mechanical, electrical & civil trades who can work on new technologies of mass transport.

These institutions offer tremendous opportunities for an M.Tech because they are specialists in these trades.

Regular ads in newspapers show requirements for an M.Tech.

IT companies employ them in senior roles because of their specialization in new technologies.

Because of their knowledge, they can easily resolve complex issues therefore, IT firms hire them.

For an M.Tech, sky is the limit in terms of opportunities & growth.

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