Why are you polluting the message by reading the messenger?

Sep 18




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Human mind is very funny as it confuse and contradict with various messages. When the message become important to become something.......


Messenger is important to our life or the message (knowledge) is so important?  Should one receive the message or and also should read about the messenger as well?   

There are two types of impact every ‘message’ will create in people such as impact on the existence level and impact at the consciousness level. They are otherwise called as ‘message’ for relevance/existence/survival and message for consciousness. 

The message the students used to get from the academic institutions fall under the category of message for relevance.  The message to relevance is essential to create a relevant meaning and existence to people.  It helps someone to ‘become’ something.

The message to the consciousness binds people to certain morality,Why are you polluting the message by reading the messenger? Articles values, ethics etc.  The issue is whether the message and or the messenger is important?   Why confusion and commotion are created while receiving the message?  Why people read the messenger as well when it would have been appropriate just to read the message alone?

In which situation, the confusion and noise would be more, while receiving message of relevance or message to the consciousness?

To ‘become’ something, one needs to acquire the message of relevance.  When relevance assumes importance, people simply try to receive the message without reading or interpreting or defining the messenger.   

To become something is an important need for everyone and hence the message of relevance becomes very valuable.  They give more value and near total attention to the message of relevance than to the messenger. 

When it comes to the subject of message to the consciousness, unfortunately, people give less importance to the message and more importance to the ‘messenger’.  They pollute the very message with their interpretation or description or personification of the messenger.  More often they assume that the ‘messenger’ is the ‘message’.  

It is so strange that man is always galloping towards achieving the goal of ‘to become something’.  In his/her run to become something, fortunately the messenger escapes their attention to the larger extent and only the message becomes important. 

Unfortunately, man shows least importance to his/her being level.  Whenever the context of message for consciousness is discussed, they more often leave aside the message and the messenger becomes everything. 

Why such strange psychological jigsaw is residing in man?  Man is very powerfully pulled by a thread from either side viz., ‘desire to become something’ from the left and ‘fear of becoming nothing’ from the right.  Hardly he is able to move to either of the sides.

In his struggle, man forgoes his being level.  As a consequence, despite he/she become something, at the conscious level, he/she feels very impure, confused, worried and unhappy.  To become something cannot be achieved or seen only at the metaphysical level. 

The desire to become something must include the ‘being level’ as well.  Only the being should ‘show’ celebrate and ‘validate’ the substance of become something and not become something validate the being and nor your neighbor.

Animals are always seen to be always at the being level.  It appears that animals never try to become something and are always struggle to remain at the being level.   Happiness and realization can happen only from the being level and not from the becoming level, animals know may be better than humans.   

Hence forth should we call ‘human being’ or ‘human become’? 

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