Why BTech Lateral Entry after your Diploma?

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If you attend it on weekends, evening classes, it must be face to face. There are no valid online classes or distance classes. UGC and AICTE have strictly claimed that all online / distance classes are invalid.

Engineering has always been in the course of top-ranking and is always in the demand. Most students chose to pursue their dream career in engineering after 10 + 2. Engineering is a technical program,Guest Posting and students seeking to pursue their profession in a technical area pursue the B. Tech courses. BTech courses are available in various branches such as

According to the AICTE new guideline all nomenclatures previously used have been dispensed, i.e. first shift, night shift, weekend, part-time, etc. Education in face-to-face mode is common to all levels. But, according to the new regulations, all classes offered on the weekend at night and at part-time are taken on a daily basis, so long as the student is enrolled for the course in compliance with the university curriculum.

B Tech Lateral Entry is a curriculum of 3 years. Why is the curriculum for three years? B. Entry to Tech Lateral is a diploma holders program. For graduate students, it offers 1-year relaxation during the 4-year course. From the second year in BTech you will be directly registered for the program. The candidates who have graduated and started working in the same branch may elect B Tech Lateral Entry. This option for the technical working professional makes the best option for them. They can have higher education and a technical career at the same time.

The entrance of BTech Lateral Entry is very simple and a bit different from the regular BTech. Though it is a 3-year technical program, the course offers many jobs in the technical sector. It is a course. The program consists of various classes including Marine Engineering, Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and Civil Engineering.

The B Tech Lateral entry criterion for eligibility is very easy as you only have to meet single criteria and qualifications to be enrolled in the program. To be enrolled in B Tech Lateral Entry you simply have to complete your 3-year diploma in the same branch. The admission process is based on an entrance examination and merit List just after completing its three-year diploma course in the same branch. Certain of the government-oriented universities are admitted on the basis of the state entry test scores. They set the merit and accept it on their basis. Also, there are direct admissions in many private universities provided that you have a diploma in engineering.

Lateral Entry Engineering has different branches that you take in your B.Tech Lateral entry course. Just make sure that if your 3-year diploma has been completed in the same branch that you are opting in BTech. Only after completion of the diploma can you pursue Lateral Engineering. Branches such as computer science Engineering, civil engineering, electronics and communication engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc are some of the top branches to go for. There is a different curriculum for each branch of engineering.

Lateral Engineering fees vary from university to university and from academic to academic. The fee depends totally on the university you have selected and on the course you choose to take.

The fee structure ranges from Rs. 80,000 to 1,50 000- per year for each course.

Some of India's top lateral colleges of engineering are here to refer to you.

  • Delhi University of Technology
  • University of Lingaya
  • University of Jamia Millia Islamia
  • The technology & research Institute of Birla
  • University of Jadavpur
  • Institute of Pondicherry Engineering
  • Technical Thapar Institute & Institute
  • The Technical and Management Institute of G. L. Bajaj.

The purpose of offering Lateral Entry entrance in engineering is to give applicants a chance for a degree. Many technical workers are engineering diplomas and are not graded or rewarded because of a lack of a degree. AICTE offers diploma applicants the instructions by presenting them with all nomenclatures including morning shift, evening shift, afternoon shift, part-time or weekend classes. The lessons will now be taken suitable for your work and face-to-face. It offers aspirants the ability to upgrade their educational stature and boost their professional lives.

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