Why Choose Sarkari Naukri

Jan 6


Vishal Bhatt12

Vishal Bhatt12

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Both jobs are good but Sarkari Naukri does have batter advantages than private jobs. Yes, this is true that govt job does have high competition but Sarkari Naukri worth the competition and after benefits of the govt jobs are very good that why Sarkari Naukri is batter then private jobs.


What is Sarkari NaukriSarkari Naukri is a vacancy which state government provides to people these jobs are in India called as Sarkari Naukri or Sarkari jobs. These jobs are very good jobs as compared to other private-sector jobs and these jobs provide you a chance to serve your country. That’s why sarkari Rojgar is so famous in India.Sarkari Naukri Vs Private JobsAs if you are 12th class passed student or a college passed out this is the question which everyone keeps wondering about,Why Choose Sarkari Naukri Articles which job is battered Sarkari Naukri or private job, well both jobs have their own pros and cons. It totally depends on your choice of job.Sarkari Naukri is more CompetitiveNowadays every job is competitive and so Sarkari Naukri's. And if you want to do Sarkari Naukri then yes you have to give proper time to your competitive studies because Sarkari Naukri has high competition and limited vacancies so it is very important for you to have good Sarkari Results in order to get the job. But in private jobs, there are many jobs so there are chances you don’t need to prepare as much as for Sarkari Naukri.Job SecurityOne of the main reasons why people love to join Sarkari Naukri is job security and in private sectors, there is no job security. you always have to perform batter in order to maintain your job post. That why every student target Sarkari Naukri. But this does not mean that in Sarkari Naukri you will never get fired, In case of major performance issues then you can also get fired by your seniors. But the main reason for govt job security is stability because market downfall does not affect the government sector and private companies are heavily affected by the market downfall and in order to maintain the company. Private sectors can remove you from the job very easily so that’s why people love Sarkari Naukri.Better retirement policySakari Naukri is batter than a private job because government sectors have already created policies related to employees' retirement as compared to the private jobs they do not have any after retirement policies. And a private job employee has created his own planning for retirement but some govt job sector takes care of all those things and even after retirement provides benefits like travel, stay or medical benefits to employees.Salary and promotionsThis is the factors which make private jobs batter-like in private job you will get easy promotion on the bases of your performances but in Sarkari Naukri, you can’t get the promotion that easily and there are some criteria for promotion like years of experience and internal exams.As compared to salary private sectors does have upper hand on that as they easily get promotion on the job but Sarkari Naukri does have it own point like you will get residence, medical, transportation facilities in Sarkari Naukri but in private job you only get salary and if you compare the salary and benefits Sarkari Naukri salary does not have big difference.