Why International Students Choose PTE Exam?

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Many students prefer to study abroad in reputed universities to achieve success in their career. The motive of studying abroad is good,Guest Posting but students need to prove eligibilities to get a visa for the duration of the study. Further, universities also check credential of candidates before offering admission. High English proficiency is one of many factors evaluated by universities before giving admission to international students.

Many English proficiency tests are available in the market like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE among others. The Pearson Test of English is the latest entrant in the English testing department. Interestingly, PTE has gained an immense popularity among the students within a short time. The prime reasons for the popularity of PTE: security, fast, and reliability for candidates. The PTE Test has become a popular exam among the candidates looking to take an English exam. The score of PTE exam is accepted for immigration, study abroad, and work in foreign countries.

Benefits of Taking PTE Exam

PTE is the world’s leading test conducted online with acceptance at a global scale. The exam consists of four sections as writing, reading, listening, and speaking. It is necessary to answer the items in all sections to get the desired score needed in the application. PTE Academic India is conducted online on computers in a single sitting for three hours. But aspirants need a proper preparation to get higher marks and be eligible for visas.

Let us look at the benefits of taking PTE Exam:

1.Worldwide Acceptance

PTE exam’s score is recognised and accepted by over 6000 organisations across the globe. The organisations receiving PTE score include education institutions, governments, immigration agencies, and employers. Hence it is an ideal option for students to get English proficiency certificate for different purposes.

2. Provide Exam Result Quickly

PTE has set a world record of offering 75% of test result within three days in 2013. Usually, PTE provides scores within five business days of candidates after taking the test. Hence it is a perfect choice for students to avoid waiting for the result to apply for admission in universities.

Further, the PTE scores remain to live on the official website for two years enabling students to take admission in reputed universities.

3. Offer a Complete Assessment of Skill

The overall rating of PTE is provided to assess all skills of candidates in the test. It checks both the communication skills and enabling skills of candidates in the overall score. That is why PTE score is used for assessment of candidate’s ability in the language.

4. No Ambiguous Questions

The questions found in the PTE test are taken from academic contents and real-life setting. Further, there short essay and multiple choice questions useful in daily life.

5. Fair Scoring System

The automatic software is utilised in checking the answer of candidates in PTE exam. No human examiners are employed for grading or checking the answers. Hence there is no chance of partiality or getting a bias score in the exam.

Buy PTE Voucher to Schedule Test

Candidates planning to take PTE exam need to book the test before 48 hours. The standard price of booking the test is $330. Buy PTE voucher to use in making the payment while scheduling the test and get 10% discount on the standard price. Contact us to purchase a voucher today. 

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