Why is it that Some Cigars Are Difficult to Draw?

Sep 16


Dave Sabot

Dave Sabot

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If you have smoked cigars for any length of time, then you have probably tried the various hand rolled cigars available. Some cigar smokers smoke these exclusively, finding that they offer something extra.


However,Why is it that Some Cigars Are Difficult to Draw? Articles many of those smokers have also experienced the downside of the hand rolled cigar " sometimes, they can be difficult to draw. It will sometimes feel as though there is something that is inside the cigar and causing a block to the flow of smoke and air. In fact, this is exactly what is happening. You don't need to fret though. You will be able to take care of your cigar and get it going again in no time.

The cigars that are hand rolled are sometimes rolled too tightly. This doesn't happen often, but there is a good chance that at some point you are going to find a cigar that is difficult to draw. Don't worry and don't discard the cigar. You can fix the problem, and it won't take very much effort or much time.

The first thing you are going to want to do is use your thumb and forefinger to feel along the cigar. Start at the cap of the cigar, the end that you put in your mouth, and feel along the cigar until you find a hard spot. This hard spot is bunched up tobacco that is causing the blockage. Light the cigar and try to draw on it while gently squeezing the hard spot. This should loosen the material so that you don't have the blockage that is stopping the flow of smoke.

If you purchase the hand rolled cigars and find that one of them is having trouble staying lit, you can be sure that it was rolled too tightly. To make certain, you can feel the cigar by gently squeezing. Start at the cap of the cigar and work your way up. You will find a hard spot in the cigar at some point, and it is this area causing the problem. Gently squeeze and massage the area while you continue to draw on the cigar. This will help to loosen the area and make the smoke flow more freely.

You might find several spots in the cigar that have this issue. Repeat the above procedure until you have a nice, free flow of smoke coming through. If the cigar goes out while you are doing this, simply relight it and continue working on the cigar. In time, you will have a cigar that is easy to smoke and one that you can enjoy. Don't neglect hand rolled cigars because you heard they are hard to draw. Now you can fix the problem.

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