How To Use Humidification Beads In Your Cigar Humidor

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What can beads do for your cigars? What is meant by the term "beads" when it comes to humidification? This type of system uses beads for moisture release, and this relatively simple process keeps these items cheap. The buffer effect that results from bead humidification is an effective alternative to costly electrical systems.

What are humidor humidification beads? These beads are a type of humidification system. Whereas the most popular systems of humidification are sponges and electronic systems,Guest Posting these are a cheaper and yet sometimes a more effective alternative. These beads have a "buffer effect" on the relative humidity inside a storage box or room.
They can either absorb or release humidity, provided that it's within normal range. These beads are calibrated to work within normal ranges of humidity, from 60-70%. One of the best advantages of using beads is that they can work with distilled water and do not require any other chemicals or substances.
Understand that local weather conditions and local humidity of the region will affect the moisture potential inside your humidor. You may have to add or remove moisture from the beads at any given time. If the air is exceptionally humid (resulting from too many open doors, for example), then you will have to reduce the humidity in the room. However, if you have low humidity where you live then you will have to increase the humidity by spraying the beads.
How do you know when the beads are filled with moisture? It's easy to see just by looking at them. When moisture is high, the beads appear clear; when moisture is absent or low they look white. Silica beads are a popular type of bead to work with. These beads are specially made, and often times used for major projects such as museum humidity control. These beads are usually sold in bags. The standard is usually a one-pound bag for five cubic feet of space. In order to install this easy system, you simply place the beads in a small container, (shallow if possible) and then spray them with distilled water. When most of the beads are wet (not completely soaked) then put the bag inside the room. (Or in the box)
That's all there is to it! Whenever you notice the beads changing into a white color because of lack of moisture, you simply spray them again. You can use them for a lifetime, as these beads are not high-tech gizmos that need constant maintenance. Humidification bead containers are among the easiest ways to ensure that your case is maintained and ready for storage.

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