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This article explains why students should study in Bedfordshire University England, UK.

University of Bedfordshire is the largest provider of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. University of Bedfordshire is known for its vibrant & cosmopolitan student Population and ranked third in the country for media related courses & 12th for sports. Quality Assurance Agency has ranked teaching quality of University of Bedfordshire as 6th for its excellence. According to National Student Survey results,Guest Posting Bedfordshire University is ranked 28th in the country for student satisfaction. Journalism course of University of Bedfordshire is ranked 5th , law course is ranked 7th, Business courses are ranked 15th & Marketing courses are ranked 16th respectively in U.K .University of Bedfordshire’s postgraduate teacher training provision has been awarded grade one for management & quality assurance by OFSTED. Study in UK University of Bedfordshire’s for courses of tourism, hospitality, leisure & recreational courses are ranked 21st in U.K.

Study in Bedfordshire University UK to works in close collaboration with public & private sector organizations to deliver training that meets the ever changing demands of business, by offering continuous professional development (CPD) & professionally accredited courses. Bedfordshire University is equipped with large language centre and has started new redevelopment programme for Bedford campus. Bedford campus involves new campus centre with student union and 280 seat auditorium. University of Bedfordshire is known for high rate of employment of its students. Dance courses of University of Bedfordshire are ranked 2nd in U.K .Computer Science programmes of University of Bedfordshire are ranked among top 25% of U.K Universities.

University of Bedfordshire has learning resource centre. This learning centre offers modern learning environment with over three hundred networked pc’s. University of Bedfordshire provides support to its students. Student centre provides guidance and advice to students on non academic issues like fees payment, exam time table etc University of Bedfordshire provide two General practitioners for students. If students have any health problem then they can consult general practitioners for treatment. Many courses of University of Bedfordshire are accredited by professional bodies such as Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD). Business School of University of Bedfordshire is one of the largest business schools in the region with some 4,000 students and 100 teaching research staff. Psychology of University of Bedfordshire has gained accreditation by the British Psychology Society (BPS) for all undergraduate courses and for MSc Health Psychology. Biomedical Science Programme of University of Bedfordshire is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS). All lecture theatres of University of Bedfordshire are fully equipped with computers and power point display systems. Bedfordshire University works closely with employers on there curriculum to provide broad range of training and accredited industry courses. University of Bedfordshire is ranked second largest provider of PE teachers in U.K.

University of Bedfordshire UK has received National Teaching Award for its outstanding contribution to teaching and learning. University of Bedfordshire is a leading partner in the Bedfordshire Olympics opportunities Support Team(BOOST). Study in Bedfordshire University of UK which, provides credit accumulation and transfer .It means if you have credit from previous postgraduate qualification, whether you studied at University of Bedfordshire or else where, one can use some of it for higher award. This process is called APCL (Accreditation of Prior Certificate Learning). University of Bedfordshire is a member of Association of Business Schools (ABS) and European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). MBA course of University of Bedfordshire has won a national competition offered by British Council in India. University of Bedfordshire provides MBM suite of one year course to graduates who want to gain solid foundation in Business and Management to improve there employability and career prospects.

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