How to recover and reset the password of Windows live mail?

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Windows live mail is the most new email application that is free of cost from Microsoft. It is an update of the earlier versions of Outlook Express and Windows mail that were involved in earlier versions of Windows but with added features.

Windows Live Mail is a more convenient and comfortable email related client that largely lets you perfectly manage plus directly access your Windows Live Gmail,Guest Posting Yahoo! And Hotmail accounts in one place. In case, when if you forgot the password, your Windows Live Mail suddenly crashes, Will your email account got lost, you have to reinstall Windows Live Mail, you wouldn’t start or is your windows live mail data secure and safe?

It is to be remembered that password recovery bundle is a very simple plus useful password toolkit which is perfectly able in order to recover in a successful manner the forgotten passwords for all mail accounts based in Windows Live Mail. It largely works with all relevant versions of Windows Live Mail, letting in Windows Live Mail 2009 – 2012 with lot of perfection. It is to be noted that most of the people search in the internet with phrases such as Windows live mail password recovery and Windows live mail password reset steps.  They also get best results for these most sought after phrases.  

Windows live mail password recovery Bundle largely offers two significant methods of recovering in a successful manner your forgotten Windows Live Mail passwords.

Manual Recovery Method

  • Do launch your Windows Live Mail client in a successful manner.
  • Then Right-click on your email account on the left pane.
  • Do select Properties from the menu.
  • Press the Server tab. In case, if your email password has been actually remembered by Windows Live Mail, then you will see in the password box, a sequence of asterisk ('****') characters.
  • At present run Password Recovery Bundle.
  • Press the Start Recovery button.
  • Then choose the Asterisk Password option.
  • The built-in Asterisk Password Recovery tool will also appear.
  • Asterisk Password Recovery
  • Press on the icon, to drag the icon in Windows Live Mail to the password box. It is  to be noted  that the actual email password that was hidden just under asterisks will be instantly revealed with  lot of perfection.

Automatic Recovery Method

  • Download successfully and perfectly install Password Recovery Bundle.
  • Then Run Password Recovery Bundle, then press the Start Recovery button. It is to be remembered that it will actually bring up a drop-down menu that indicates all supported password types.
  • Choose the Email Password in the option related to Windows Live Mail Password.
  • It is to be remembered that on the local computer the program will search automatically the profile of Windows Live Mail, instantly decrypt plus reveal in a successful manner in Windows Live Mail your email account passwords stored.

The Windows live mail Customer Service is a third party provider that gives support and in rendering the best Windows live support for the users. Windows live mail has its own toll free mail helpline number which the users can call 247 to resolve the issues that they are facing from anyplace in the world. The user’s calls are received by the technical team that give the most logical solution so that the users are capable of completely comprehending the same thus being completely satisfied with the technical support services.


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