How to recover google account via SMS?

Mar 8


Jenny Joseph

Jenny Joseph

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If you are looking for the information about Gmail account recovery steps using mobile number or answering your security question such as Date of birth then you are welcome here. Gmail users can use their registered phone number for account recovery as they can receive verification code by Google through SMS.


How to Recover a Google Account Via SMS?

Google is one of the biggest firms in the world that provide multiple products. No doubt,How to recover google account via SMS? Articles they have a strong user base that makes it a stronger and web service provider. To access their products, you need a Google account, without it, one cannot leverage the services. Though, after having the account, many users face different issues. To secure the account, one needs to change the password quite often. But, sometimes, they forget, or due to some malware activities account is not accessible. 

If you are facing similar issues and looking to recover Google account via SMS then go through the below-mentioned steps. We have covered the steps that you can perform on any device. 

Steps To Recover Google Account with SMS

  • This process is applicable only when you have registered the phone number with the account. If you forget to add the number, then you can add the number or connect with the customer support 
  • First of all, you have to check whether the number is active or not. In many situations, it occurs when the number that is registered with the account does not exist anymore. So, make sure it is working only then you can proceed with this method
  • Now, go to the official site of Google account 
  • At home, you can see the different options, click on the log-in icon. You can click on it, will move to the log in panel 
  • In this, you have to provide information like ID and password. Once you provide the ID, beneath the password space, you can see the “Forget password” option 
  • Click on it, and on this page, you can see a different way to recover the account 
  • You have to click on the “Try another way” until you see the option of “Getting recover with the phone number” 
  • On-screen, you can see the last few digits of the number. Google will automatically send you a confirmation code on your phone. It is not for recovery, but just to let you know that someone is changing a password. You have to mention the number on the screen 
  • Now, it will take a few seconds and you can see a panel for providing the full number. Mention the number, and you will get the message on your number 
  • The message will be nothing just a six-digit code that you have provided on the given space
  • Now, you can recover the account and set a new password. Try to set a good password, that you can easily remember and hard to crack

In this way, you can recover the Google account. If you are not receiving the code, then you can go with “sending again.” Still, if you are facing issues, then you can connect with the support team and get technical assistance. Call us on: +1-805-410-9030