How to the fix the MSN issues? - MSN Troubleshooting

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To resolve and troubleshoot the error codes contact the support team over MSN support phone number. Support experts access the issues remotely and accordingly provides an cost effective solution.

MSN is one of the most preferred portals worldwide and it provides quality of features such as storage space and internet surfing using Windows Live Messenger and other features. MSN faces connectivity problems like MSN connection problems which are identified with error codes. The MSN codes are displayed with messages which explain the issues. The most most recommendation provided by Microsoft is to check the internet connection for solving the issues.   Connection problem is very common with MSN which can be caused of various reasons. Try out the basic troubleshooting steps to solve the issues first:

  • Check the plugged wires connected to the internet while signing in to MSN Messenger which is the basic troubleshoot to test the connection.
  • Check the login credentials. Also check the password which is case sensitive.
  • If prompted click troubleshoot. Review the settings and fix the problem.
  • Contact MSN customer care number to fix the connection issues effectively.
Now there are various error codes faced which needed to be fixed individually and solved:   Error code 0x80072ee6
  • Visit the browser's menu bar and select "Tools".
  • From the list choose "Internet Options".
  • Clear History folder and delete the cookies. After that click "Apply".
  •  Now in the Command Prompt type "regsvr32 MSXML3.dll".
  • Now to configure the changes and restart the system.
Dial MSN helpline number to know about the error code and also try out the steps to troubleshoot the issues.   Error code 81000377   When this error is displayed,Guest Posting the message is displayed as "You cannot use Messenger at this time because your contact list is not available. Please try again later. Click Help to learn more about your contact list. 81000377".   The problem is related to MSN Messenger servers. Test the status of the .NET servers.     Error code 0x80072efd/80072ee7   Try to fix the system ensure that the source of problem is the failure in MSN Messenger's servers. To solve the problem follow th steps:
  • Open the Windows Live Messenger and select "Tools" on the menu.
  • Now move to "Connections" and uncheck the label "I am using a proxy server".
  • Now sign out and open the messenger again.

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