Why The Need For an Email Marketing List?

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Many question the need for an email marketing list due primarily to what is perceived as the 'extra' effort it takes to build a list!
Read more to see 5 very compelling reasons why list building will not only help you to improve sales but make your efforts easier as well!

Many question the need for an email marketing list due primarily to what is perceived as the 'extra' effort it takes to build a list! Some even feel that by directing traffic to a squeeze page will only hurt and not improve sales. The fact of the matter is that this perspective is a very short sighted way to view what is one of the most proven and effective internet marketing strategies used today!

Here are 5 very strong reasons why anyone involved in any online business should invest the effort to build a list starting from the very first day they 'opened' their doors!


Collecting the contact information of people who have demonstrated an interest in what you offer gives you the opportunity to offer them other products as well! This flexibility insofar as transferring others focus onto different products is what helps make this one of the most effective internet marketing strategies available. And you can not beat the cost!

Instant Traffic/Sales

Let's face it generating traffic takes time and effort but when you build a list you can get the same results by sending out just one email. In addition the visitors you do get to your site are targeted which is the only type traffic you need or want.


When working any niche or promoting any products the realistic chances of demand trending downward ALWAYS exist! On the other hand if you can locate similar products or services you still have the contact information of people who previously opted in. This allows you to instantly generate or improve sales no matter what you are marketing.

Business Evolution

When you have contact with targeted website visitors this changes everything in terms of your mindset. As previously mentioned their focus can be easily transferred elsewhere thus allowing you to easily investigate new opportunities as well. Having the ability to 'comfortably' think outside the box and take the next step in this way can open up a whole new market for you! Even in an existing niche if you are having trouble generating fresh traffic you can easily improve sales with a single email blast!

This feeling shifts your entire mindset allowing you to think and act more proactively,Guest Posting comfortably and freely without 'self imposed' constraints!

Now You Are 'Rocking'

Being ready to pursue any new money making niches is a very liberating and empowering feeling! Knowing you have a following to which you can already promote helps boost your self confidence allowing you to take chances you may not have otherwise. Remember, the risks you may take also normally represent the biggest profit potentials as well! Anymore questions as to why you should build a list?

Having an email marketing list can justifiably be considered one of the most valuable assets your business has in terms of being able to quickly improves sales. Many marketers are more focused on the instant gratification of making money from freshly generated traffic and do not want to fore go this to build a list. As understandable as this may be it still remains short sighted since the advantages list building offers, as discussed above, are undeniable! It is for the reasons offered here today and many others that so many businesses will build a list and why it is one of the most proven and effective internet marketing strategies you can or will find!

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