10 Funny Behaviors of Motor Vehicle Drivers in Indonesia

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Indonesia is famous for the tremendous amount of motorcycle number that you can find anywhere on the street. Here are a number of funny behavior of motorized vehicle drivers in Indonesia.

Indonesia is famous for the tremendous amount of motorcycle number that you can find anywhere on the street. While driving a motorized vehicle,Guest Posting whether it be a car or a motorbike, every driver must comply with applicable traffic regulations. The goal is clear to keep yourself and others safe and secure. Even though the rules already exist, there are motorcyclists who behave strangely. Here are a number of funny behavior of motorized vehicle drivers in Indonesia as quoted from The Opinist.

1. Opposite Direction

Talking about the rules, it is clear that the opposite direction is an act that is considered dangerous and prohibited. By the police, the perpetrator who acts in the opposite direction will be subject to a fine.

If asked why do the opposite direction, the majority of people will answer in a hurry. They are willing to risk their lives to get to their destination quickly. The problem is when you reach your destination, what if you don't? It could be said that those who went against this direction were thieves and robbers. They rob the rights of others who want to drive safely on the right track.

Even funnier, if they are reprimanded, they are even more fierce in the opposite direction. Do not hesitate, the perpetrators of the opposite direction will be angry and act violently on those who reprimand them. In addition, people who go against other directions will also get angry if they are reprimanded. It seems that if they are wrong but in large numbers, they will be right.

2. Smoking While Driving

Smoking is everyone's right. The important thing is smoking is done in the space provided. The highway is not the right place to smoke. Whether you drive using a motorbike or a car, smoking while driving is not a justified action because now there are articles that regulate smoking.

Those who smoke while driving have a habit of throwing their cigarette ashes out the window for car drivers. While motorcyclists just flick their cigarettes, the ashes can fall and fly backwards. Cigarette ash that flies backwards is very hot and can injure other drivers. What if the cigarette ash hits another driver's eye?

As usual, people are wrong if they are reprimanded even more fiercely. They even scolded people who were hit by cigarette ashes for not covering their helmets. It is the traffic and road transportation law (LLAJ) number 22 of 2009, which regulates the rules regarding the prohibition of smoking while driving. Perpetrators can be sentenced to 3 months imprisonment and a fine of 750,000 thousand Rupiah.

3. Sound the horn when the green light is on

When the red light comes on, it is the duty of motorists to stop. A yellow light means the vehicle must be ready to go or stop. While the green light indicates, the vehicle is allowed to move. Those of you who spend time on the road every day must have experienced a time when the green light just came on and then you honked.

The horn has a function to signal other vehicles if something is up. When the new green light comes on, usually there are people who immediately honk their horns in the hope that the vehicle in front of them can go straight away. Please note that when the green light is on, all motorists will walk. No one wants to stay in place for long.

If indeed a vehicle remains stationary when the green light is on, something must have happened. It seems that people who immediately honk their horns after the green light comes on as if they are in a hurry have an important meeting that must be attended immediately. Everyone is also busy and wants to get going, it's not just you who are busy.

4. Wrong Signal

While driving on the highway we must always be careful and keep our distance. Not only be careful and keep your distance from the vehicle in front, but also the left, right, and rear sides. Because we don't know what the driver will do. He could have turned on the right turn signal but turned left or vice versa.

You must have encountered a driver who turned on the right turn signal but turned left or vice versa. This is clearly dangerous because this person could cause an accident by turning on the turn signal incorrectly. Turn signal lights are switched on long before stopping or turning to signal drivers on the side or rear to be careful.

There are also people who just turn without turning on the turn signal. Plus, if there is a fork or crossroads, people turn on the hazard lights. Hazard is used when an emergency occurs. Not used to signal a straight road at a fork in the road or also turned on when it rains heavily.

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5. Ride a Three-wheeled Motorcycle

In Indonesia, the most widely used vehicles are motorcycles. All families must have at least one motorbike. Motorcycles are chosen as the main vehicle and are widely used by people because they are cheap and fast. Even though the road is met with traffic jams, motorbikes can easily slip between vehicles.

The motorbike can only carry two people. More than that is considered a violation of the rules. Carrying up to 3 or more people can endanger the safety of yourself and the person on board. On the road there are bound to be many motorcyclists who ride three or more rides. Dangerous? Of course. But people don't seem to mind the danger and are more concerned with getting there quickly than anything else.

6. Do Not Stop Behind The Line

If previously there was a funny behavior of motorists where they sounded the horn even though the green light had just turned on, now there is another funny behavior that can be found at a red light. This funny behavior is motorists who do not stop behind the line. Instead, they stopped further ahead of the line until the red light was nowhere to be seen.

If you stop far in front of a red light, if the red light goes out and the green light turns on, these people will become obstacles. They have to be honked to get going. It has been given a stop sign line but it stops carelessly. There is also a stop at the zebra cross. Zebra cross is a road marking for people to cross. Not for motorized vehicles to stop.

7. Using a Helmet Not on the Head

Riding a motorcycle must be equipped with various kinds of safety. Starting from shoes that are high to the ankles, trousers, jackets, gloves, and most importantly a helmet. Helmets are useful to reduce the risk of severe head injury. Whether it is the rider or the passenger who is riding, must wear a helmet.

Most of the motorcyclists are lazy to wear helmets. If it is just a short distance usually will not wear a helmet. If you go long distances, wear a helmet. The reason is also that they are afraid of being ticketed, not because they want to survive. However, is it correct to bring a helmet? There are riders who carry helmets but don't wear them on their heads. The helmet is instead placed on the knee or draped around the elbow.

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8. Ordinary Vehicles Enter the TransJakarta Line

The presence of TransJakarta buses so that people who drive private vehicles can switch to public transportation. TransJakarta buses are provided with special lanes so they can keep going without getting stuck in traffic jams. The TransJakarta route can only be passed by TransJakarta buses or special vehicles such as ambulances, police, transportation services, fire engines, and other important vehicles.

Private vehicles are not allowed to enter the TransJakarta route for any reason. Ordinary vehicles must use the usual lane. So if there is traffic jam, TransJakarta buses can still run. Unfortunately there are selfish drivers who take the TransJakarta bus route. This causes TransJakarta buses to be blocked. There have been frequent police raids but there are still naughty drivers who enter the TransJakarta route.

9. Motorcycle Ride Flyover Road

Because the congestion is getting worse, the government is looking for ways to unravel the congestion. That's why underpass and flyover roads are made so that motorists can pass by. For underpass roads, any vehicle is usually allowed to pass. But if the flyover road, motorcyclists are not allowed to pass.

The road on the flyover is prohibited by motorbikes because it is not just a small road. But because the road is intended for vehicles traveling at a rather high speed. Coupled with the wind that can make the motor so rocking. There have been many accidents on flyovers because motorcyclists forced to ride the flyovers. They choose to gamble with death whether they will survive to their destination or be harmed.

10. Breaking the Red Light

The red light means that the driver on the road must stop. Yellow means you have to get ready to go or stop and green means you can go. Violating traffic lights can not only get you a ticket but also get into an accident. If you are not afraid of harm, at least you are afraid of getting fined by the police.

Unfortunately, many people are not afraid of harm and the police. Whether it's a red or a yellow light, keep going. The important thing is that you can get to your destination quickly, don't care about your own safety, let alone others. Why should you care about other people? The important thing is that we arrive quickly. The most exciting thing is to wait if someone who goes the opposite direction and runs through a red light has an accident. Who do you think will admit that they are wrong because both of them will be equally angry and admit that they are busy so they have to hurry to their destination.

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