10 Recommended Cream Blush for Fresh Face Tone in Hot Weather

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Are you looking for a good blush for a hot weather? In this post, we're going to share you 10 cream blush that are going to turn your face freshly even in a hot climate!

If you have to choose a good blush for hot weather,Guest Posting it should be cream blush. The best cream blush recommendations are here. Blush with a cream texture must be recognized as giving hydration to the skin, super blendable, and giving a healthy glow effect when exposed to sunlight. Plus, they can be applied with just your fingers, which makes them ideal for on-the-go makeup.

Cream blush comes in a variety of forms. There are in the form of pots, sticks, or cushions. So easy to carry traveling. If you want to add some color to your cheeks, here are the recommendations for the best cream blush, according to Premierge, that you need to have in your makeup pouch. It can be used for the application of the sunburn blush trend or the three-layer blush trick like Hailey Bieber.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow

When it comes to fine blushes, Charlotte Tilbury is indeed one of the most famous. True to its name, Pillow Talk Lip & Cheek Glow has two functions, as a blush as well as a lip tint. The texture is as soft as a sheer chiffon, the formula also moisturizes the skin. Easy to spread, gives a beautiful fresh radiant youthful glow in the midst of hot weather.

NARS Air Matte Sheer Cream Blush

No NARS blush isn't great, and the Air Matte Sheer Cream Blush is no exception. Infused with jojoba oil and passionfruit oil that work as antioxidants, this NARS cream blush will leave a beautiful hue. With a sheer color, the result on the skin looks like a soft cloud stroke, making the skin as smooth as velvet.

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush

There is no doubt, Fenty Beauty products dominate as the best makeup, and cream blush is no exception. Not without reason, of course. Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush does not leave a greasy, non-sticky, and super light sensation that instantly "melts" on the cheeks when applied. Gives a natural-looking flush and leaves skin silky smooth.

Glossier Cloud Paint

Here we come to everyone's favorite cream blush. Present in the form of a liquid tint, Glossier Cloud Paint comes with a sheer formula so that it gives the appearance of natural blushing cheeks. Its light texture makes it easy to apply and blend, even with just your fingers. Color choice? Wear one or combine two colors, you've got the prettiest blush ever.

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Cream Melting Blush

Selena Gomez's makeup brand is a huge hit in the beauty industry. Stay Vulnerable Cream Melting Blush is one of the most favorite. This cream blush has a unique touch on the first swipe. Its liquid-like formula feels like a second skin. The result does not clump, easily fade, or clog pores. Gives skin a really glowing result.

CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Color Stick

As the name implies, this Healthy Glow Sheer Color Stick from the Les Beiges line gives a healthy and glowing facial appearance. This blush on stick gives a soft velvet finish. The color is also vibrant, just one swipe gives a beautiful hue that lasts a long time. This is one of the most recommended hybrid beauty products.

ESQA Radiant Cushion Blush

If you want to be more practical, there is a cushion blush from ESQA. Yup, the shape is a cushion. How to use it only with a puff. So it's very practical to carry around and easy to touch-up just in case our fingers are not too clean. Having the advantages of ESQA, this cream blush has a vegan, halal formula, and is free of harmful chemicals.

BLP Beauty Cheek Stain

With a liquid texture and a fairly pigmented formula, BLP Beauty Cheek Stain is very buildable. Whether you wear it thin or intense, it covers. Plus there is aloe vera content, you can be sure the skin is hydrated all day with this cream blush. How to use it is as easy as rubbing one finger with a circular motion in the cheek area. One of the best cream blush recommendations.

Rollover Reaction Haloblush Coloring Stick

Rollover Reaction cream blush comes in a stick form and a powdery cream formula. The finish of Rollover Reaction Haloblush Coloring Stick is a velvety matte finish. Easy to apply and blend, so there is no drama of the thick blush. The packaging is chubby adorable, with a tiny shape that even fits in a trouser pocket.

MAKE OVER Multifix Matte Blusher

This cream blush stick is suitable for oily skin. Although the texture is creamy, when blended it turns into powdery velvet. The matte finish makes MAKE OVER Multifix Matte Blusher last up to 8 hours. The MAKE OVER blush on stick is perfect for natural and intense makeup.

Which of the cream blush recommendations above is your favourite?

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