5 games that need to come to PC!

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Give us the ports! 

If you’ve been playing games as long as I have,Guest Posting you’ll know it’s hard to go past a PC. Consoles are great, but often console exclusives drum up more pain than their worth. Inevitably, everyone asks for PC ports of the best new games.

So here are 5 games that absolutely, definitely need to come to PC.


It’s been a hot minute since this game released, and fans are still crying out for a Bloodborne PC port. And with good reason! It’s old news.

Right now PS5 players can’t believe it’s still not available in 60FPS, either. I know what would fix that problem…

Mario Kart

Alright, so you can play older Mario Kart games through emulators, but the fact is that none of the newer games are playable on anything but Nintendo’s native consoles.

This would be perfect for online multiplayer, and I’m tired of having to get my copies through a Kickass proxy! Maybe Nintendo could look at this for Mario Kart 9…?

God of War

The PlayStation exclusive God of War looks so damn incredible, and I’m so salty I can’t play it on my PC. It would look so pretty!

I mean it’s not as popular as Among Us, Valheim, or Genshin Impact, but it sure has a fan base. The upcoming sequel is absolutely one of 2021’s most anticipated games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

No brainer! Another Nintendo exclusive, and one of the best games like Skyrim that the world has gifted us. Imagine this but with the creativity we see in the vast amount of Oblivion mods, for instance.

Just let me beat Gannon on PC, Nintendo! Grr.

Shiren the Wanderer

Not only is this a great roguelike, it’s one of the best roguelike games of all time! Bring it to PC! That is all.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. As an honourable mention, if Elden Ringdoesn’t come to PC, I’ll go hollow.

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