5 Steps to Make a Backpack bag, Which Make Your Holiday More Fun!

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several steps to make a handbag

During our daily life,Guest Posting we find a lot of clothes were under the bottom of a chest. They are always very good, but since the style is out of fashion, so we don’t like it anyone, to throw it away? Seems like a waste. So why not find them out and do some useful change. Follow me, change them to lovely backpack bags!
Two pieces of cloths. Length: 21CM, Wide: 25CM, Height: 23CM.
Another two pieces of cloths in different color. Height:18 CM
A smaller piece of red cloth, height: 10CM
Prepare two pieces of belts, length: 45 CM
Scissors, line, stitch

1 step
Stitch the two red cloths together. It looks like a semi-circle.
2 step
Stitch the two belts on it.
3 step
Stitch the belt and a bigger cloth together.
4 step
Stitch the two big cloths together with a small red cloth on it. remember to leave a crevice, this is a pocket on the surface of the bag.

Stitch all the cloths together, and put the belt to the right place. Finally, the bag is finish. Do you think it is beautiful and useful?
Actually, the 5 steps are really not simple for most of us. While I’m making it, I cost a lot of cloths and lines. Give up several times. Start all over again and again. It’s really hard to me. Take cutting the cloths to the right size and shapes for example, it cost me one day!  At that time, I was thinking about why I have to do this, how does the idea come up?  It is really ridiculous. Totally this backpack bag cost me one week! Finally I look at this masterpiece, I feel a little depressed, take one week to make a bag for my self, and it’s really worth? I talked to my friends, they are all broke into laughing. One of my friends recommend a website to me, told me that I can choose different backpack with any fashion style and color I like on it, the price is reasonable and very cheap, she showed her fashion backpack to us, it drives me to mad, she spent 25 dollars and 3 days to get it, what I can’t believe, it’s fresh shipping! At last, I make up my mind to get a backpack bag on it. Do you want you know this website too? I would like to share with all of you. I’m proud of it. Thank my friend for recommending such a good website to me. I love it, so you will. http://www.dinodirect.com/womens-backpacks-bookbags/

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