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How can you start learning poker seriously so that you can play better and earn more money from playing poker games?

It happens with most of the new online poker players. They start playing online poker and like it. They become addicted and want to play better poker. So,Guest Posting they join a membership site for learning poker and buy several books from different stores and libraries. 
This is where they make a mistake. Signing up for it poker training site and buying books cannot help you to become the master of online poker. Many people fail to absorb the information provided in the books and training texts and videos.  You need to absorb everything and then make your own strategists from it. Most of the beginners simply skim over the strategy guides, books and tutorials. And they start to think themselves as the master of online poker. They don't allow the strategies and information to sink in. They do not understand that they need to absorb the information and think about how to use the information in their games. It means, they have learnt nothing and so they do not become better poker players. 
They start playing poker with some good money and then start losing them. Then they complain that the books, the tutorials and the membership site is no good. 
All they need to do is use the information they get, digest it and then apply it to their own games.  Absorb the strategies and use them while playing. For that first you will have to understand everything clearly. 

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