The Gentlemen Ending Explained

Feb 24


Jeanne E. Winfield

Jeanne E. Winfield

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The new movie of Guy Ritchie is unexplained until to its end in which you understand what happened in the movie.


Overall, The Gentlemen Ending Explained Articles the movie is similar to Richie’s homecoming style as it introduces the positive reception of The Gentlemen at the starting of the movie. You see further in the movie, changing his attention back to the crime scene in the British. In Ritchie’s normal style, he brings a storyline that could be hard to understand in some cases, especially when he reveals some facts at the end of his movies.

The movie took no time in building the base of plot, that spins towards Mickey Pearson (played by Matthew McConaughey) when he hands his pricey weed kingdom to Matthew Berger (played by Jeremy Strong,) who works behind the back of a member of the Asian crime association. The crime organization is known by the popular name Dry Eye. This agreement gets even more difficult to wrap up when a small amount of Mickey’s weed is stolen by a heard of boys. The most part of the movie is narrated by a secret investigator, Fletcher (portrayed by Hugh Grant) to the audience, though he also shares his researched information regarding his potential deal with Mickey to Raymond (played by Charlie Hunnam), the right hand of Mickey.

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In the movie, you can see every character has his own desires and temptation to get the throne and profit of the business. Most of the characters portrayed in the movie are far away from honesty and reliability. The movie’s ending starts from a twisting story and thrilling plot that remakes the complete storyline of what the audience was watching. With having enormous betrayal, killing, torturing, and in the end, someone gets on the throne in the final ending.

How the Gentlemen Actually Ended 

To get a better understanding of the movie, you will need to remember and know what actually happened to Mickey’s weed business. Due to the issue portrayed in the movie, which makes Mickey’s business almost suspend, Berger and Mickey decides and make a meeting to complete the agreement. Mickey thinks that the prior agreement of his weed business was still fair since his empire was ready to be sold in 400 million Euros. That much of high price for his weed business was due to his empire’s infrastructure and unique methods of cultivating weed.

The business when it becomes authenticated was also allowed to expand its branches. Though later in the movie, when things went wrong, and someone stole 12 location, then the price of his weed empire dropped tremendously, and now it is only worth 130 million dollars. Mickey planned not to sell his weed universe post the price dropped that much. He also locks Berger into a freezer and cuts down one pound flesh out of his body until he pays the fixed price of the agreement.

Then we see another character, Ray and Fletcher. Fletcher thought of getting about 20 million dollars for revealing some truth about Mickey’s business. Later, Fletcher recognizes that Ray has betrayed him for a long and he is not getting a single penny from Ray. Ray was using him to get in-depth knowledge about Mickey’s weed production and politics. The surprise began when Coach killed the two coming for Ray and then the son of Coach also kills the guy who takes Mickey. However, that happened unplanned because they wanted to make Mickey breathless. In the end, Mickey runs away, Berger’s mission fails and then Ray catches Fletcher once again when he escapes.