Average Wedding Cost in the United States

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When it comes to your wedding, the cost may be more than you might first assume. In fact, it is the cost of weddings that has risen dramatically over the years and for many couples it has become a real issue in terms of just how to create a memorable even without breaking the budget.


Today,Guest Posting the average wedding costs roughly $25,200 which is more than many people pay for a new vehicle. Plus, much of the cost of the wedding must be paid for upfront which means either saving enough money over time or taking out expensive loans.

How to Save Money Planning Your Wedding

It must be noted that while the average wedding costs are just over $25,000, most couples get married for under $10,000. Thus the number is based on more extravagant weddings that tend to drive the cost upwards disproportionally. However, even at $10,000 the cost is generally out of reach with most couples unless they get some outside assistance. Plus, the costs do not include the honeymoon as well. So many couples are paying several thousand more dollars just for the trip.

The question is how do you save money on planning your wedding so that you can have the best experience possible while keeping the cost reasonable? The answers may be a little surprising, but in taking them to heart you may be able to save a considerable amount of money.

Marry in the Off-Season: From November 1st to March 31st, many of the vendors will offer discount prices on photography, flowers, rentals and venues that can save you plenty of money. Plus, this is the off-season for taking trips as well which means that you can save money on your honeymoon.

Avoid Using the Word “Wedding”: This may seem rather simple, but when getting prices from wedding vendors such as bakeries, florists and the like get quotes without uttering the word “wedding” and you will probably see a big difference in the cost. The average is up to 30% savings if you get a proper quote without mentioning that it is a wedding.

Skip the DJ: Instead, create your own dance tracks by downloading them to your MP3 player and use the house sound system when you are ready to dance. This will keep the overall cost down considerably, plus you get to enjoy your favorite tunes.

Have the Reception in Your Favorite Restaurant: While restaurants will charge you for the food and reserving a room, they leave out the chairs, napkins, wine glasses and the like which can really save you money. Plus, a good restaurant is built to hold a proper reception while you can enjoy all of your favorite foods as well.

When you consider the average wedding costs, there are a number of ways that you can cut down on that bill which will put more money in your pocket. The earlier you plan, the more you can save when using these simple tips to keep the price down. Find out more by visiting The Knot which has all the information you need on planning the perfect wedding.



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