Blair and Chuck: When Love Overpowers the Truth

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Tune in to watch gossip girl online, As Blair’s romantic relationships has been talked the story with the start of gossip girl season 5. You can go get download all recent release Gossip Girl episodes, to follow the fate that Chuck and Blair relationship eventually met. Gossip girl rated high and story become worthy watch for all Gossip girl fans.

At times,Guest Posting all it takes is a well-crafted television show to have a huge impact on a vulnerable mind. Gossip Girl is one such show, which unfailingly gets one thinking. The show depicts the lives of elite teenagers, and showcases the problems that they face in their lives. This serves as a great inspiration to viewers, who have usually been through similar situations themselves. That probably explains why, over the years, we tend to associate with the characters that we watch on the show, feeling them to be as much a part of our lives, as friends we meet every day.Among all the storylines that have been portrayed on the show so far, that of Blair’s romantic relationships has been one of the most talked about. To see what is so special about this girl and her relationships, you can tune in to Watch Gossip Girl online. Romance, as trivial a subject it may sound, is more often than not, the center of the lives of teenagers. Having somebody you love, might be a cause of high self-esteem and increased productivity, while rejection by the opposite sex, may be a major cause of distress.That is why, when a show depicts the reality behind the relationships that are forged during this vulnerable stage of a teenager’s life, the facts that follow are sure to hit home. Blair, a.k.a., the ‘Queen Bee’ of the high school, has tasted various flavors of love. She started with what she and everyone around her believed to be true love, something that would last forever. At that point, the man in her life was Nate. You can tune in to Gossip Girl season 1, by watching it online, to relive the good old days of first love that Blair experienced.However, it was not long before Blair called it quits with Nate, and instead fell for his best friend, Chuck. Now that, in itself, was a wrong step, yet it was just the beginning of what was to follow. Chuck was the last person whom any girl would want to get in a relationship with. Yet, Blair overlooked his bad boy image, and allowed herself to fall deeply in love with him. You can catch up with the recent Gossip Girl episodes, to follow the fate that their relationship eventually met.Chuck turned out to be just what everyone had warned Blair about, and did not live up to his promises about having changed. Yet, as anyone who watches Gossip Girl would know, Blair has always been annoyingly forgiving of him, taking him back, each time he deceives her. This is a classic example, of when you love somebody too much, you are unable to see the bad in them. We can just hope that, in the episodes to come, the girl gets somebody who deserves her!

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