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If you are planning a major event there are a few questions that you will need answered regarding the food for the event ahead of time. What are the different types of catering and how are the meals planned?

People have parties all the time. These events include weddings,Guest Posting family gatherings, birthday parties, or just because occasions. Many people choose to have the food brought in by someone else to make it easier on them so that they can enjoy their day. This is referred to as catering. When you have your party catered, you are having a business provide your food at a site away from a restaurant, such as a hotel, park, or other public location.

There are several different types of catering and the style depends on the theme and location of your party. Mobile caterers are those that serve the food directly from a mobile vehicle that has been made specifically for serving food. These are usually used when the event is outdoors or in a downtown area of larger cities.

Event caterers are probably what comes to mind when you generally think of catering. Usually, it is when a meal is served with servers at a remote site with white washed dining tables or as a buffet where you would serve yourself what you want from available food, which may be brought in by the caterer or made directly at the event. This service usually includes weddings and conventions and could include drinks and hors d'oeuvres as well. These meals are usually priced per person and can also include the plating.

Boxed lunch caterers are those that usually serve some type of sandwich, a side such as chips, fruit, and a dessert, usually a brownie or cookie, and a soft drink or bottle of water. These are usually prepared ahead of time and delivered to client's location and are often used for corporate meetings. The only responsibility that the caterer has in this option is preparing the boxed meals and making sure that they are delivered. Catering on airlines or ships are meals that are pre-prepared for service in small environments, where space is more confined.

When a client is planning a catered meal, they usually get certain menu considerations from the guests such as if they are vegetarian or vegan, as well as allergy or religious information so that every guest can be satisfied. There are also other things to consider, such as how the client wants to have the hors d' oeuvres and drinks served, what kinds of China and linens will be needed, how the wait staff will be paid, and whether or not a liquor permit be needed so that alcohol can be served at the event. Catering for your event can be designed just for you and your event, no matter where your event is taking place.

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