Chirunavvula Chirujallu Telugu Movie Review and Rating

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Release date : Mar 13, 2015

Author Rating : 3/5

Director : I.Ahmed

Producer : Jhony

Music Director : Harris Jayaraj

Starring : Jeeva, Trisha…



(Jiiva) Goutham's mother abandoned when just ten years old. Angry against the attitude of his wife,Guest Posting Nasser (the father of Goutham) criticizes women and accuse them of being dishonest and selfish. Goutham, who is deeply affected by this also grows in the hatred and distrust of women.He with his two best friends (Vinay) and baby (Santhanam) establish a production house. As time passes, a girl named Priya (Trisha) enters their lives as a business partner and causes some problems between the best friends. A depressed Goutham leaves his friends and headed to Europe with Priya.There, the couple fall in love with each other. But after a same time, they split because of personal problems Gautam. What is the problem? The couple will get together in the end? and what happens to best friends Gautham? Which forms the rest of the story.

Plus points:

The major asset of this film is the theme that deals with friendship, romance and the special bond between father and son. The eccentric narration also plays a major role in the positive outcome of the film. There are some very funny scenes in the film that create interest among the public. All the romantic scenes between Trisha and Jiva was well designed.Jeeva has done a decent job in an established role. Trisha, as usual gorgeous looks and charm is a positive aspect in this film. The first half was very entertaining and some well-timed songs also impresses viewers.

Negative points:

A line of predictable story is the major drawback of this film. Some scenes in the second half were trained at the base, which is a little disappointing. The tempo of the film during this portion is fully lowered.So many characters are not given due importance and unclear. A underneath climax also ruin the film to some extent. The role of Andrea seems out of place and does not create much impact. There are some vulgar sequences that could have been completely avoided.

Technical aspects:

Director of photography Madiyea must be properly credit as it highlights the beautiful places of Europe supremely well. Despite a routine story, narration and interesting director of scenario gives the film a special touch. Music director Harris Jayaraj gives a decent score of music as all the songs were composed and well turned. Dialogues are graceful and blend well with the film. The production values are good and show the film in a good light.


Overall, Chirunavvula Chirujallu some decent romantic moments. An entertaining first half, the glamor of Trisha and simple implementation are essential assets. If you ignore the predictable story line and a highlight lack of lustur you can comfortably watch this movie this weekend.

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