Choosing a photographer for your wedding: what is the deciding factor?

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In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to have coffee with a bunch of couples on a coffee, for a free introduction, and fortunately also on a wedding day with a bunch of bridal couples. 

But even though you think when you drive home that it was a very good conversation,Guest Posting you can not always win and an important question that I ask when a wedding couple chooses another photographer is "what was the deciding factor?". I would like to give you a glimpse into my kitchen to show you what you can and should pay attention to as a couple in my eyes if you decide to cut the knot.

The price

Here I could dedicate a blog. It is important to discuss with your Candid wedding photographer which costs he will charge, how these costs are built up and which variables there may still be. Make sure you ask all photographers the same question to be able to compare apples with apples. You will not be the first couple to think that you have arranged a cheap photographer who can shoot, but then only delivers 50 photos in a resolution that you do not yet dare to put on your Facebook. But more about that later.

Personally, I prefer working with a fixed price, without variables. Travel costs are for my account, the post-processing time is calculated (regardless of the number of photos) and you will not see any surprises on your invoice afterwards. What you sign for you pay, and changes after signing are recorded in writing by mail.

The click

Do you and the photographer think the same about wedding photography? In terms of shots, you already have an idea what he is doing, otherwise, he would not be sitting in front of you, because you have already seen his portfolio on his or her site. No, the click is one of the faintest selection criteria available. But you notice how your conversation is about whether or not the click is there and who you click best. It is precisely that click that is so important to make a good decision for yourself.

Therefore ask about how the photographer deals with you on the day itself. How many instructions will he or she give, and what instructions are they and at what times? Can you laugh and the photographer gives you the confidence that you do not have to watch him or her all day long? Then there is a click: check in the box!

What do you get?

Wedding photography is, I will not make a secret of it, a costly affair. That is why it is all the more important to coordinate well in advance what exactly the photographer will deliver to you after the wedding. You should, therefore, ask these questions:

  • In what resolution do I receive my photos?
  • Is there a limit on the number of photos I get?
  • How do you deliver the photos?
  • How long does the photographer keep the photos if something happens to my copy?
  • Are there watermarks or other quality-limiting factors in the photos I get?
  • How long after the wedding day will the photos be delivered?

If one of the answers to these questions is not on you should try to discuss this. How do I approach this? With me, you get all images selected by me, finished and finished, unlimited in number, free of watermarks and in the highest possible resolution. This means suitable for all forms of printing (Personally I even made a photo wallpaper of it) and you can work on it after the wedding itself.

I strive to deliver the photos one week after the wedding date, unless you go directly on a honeymoon, for example. Then we speak a modified date. I myself have all the images in a permanent and permanent archive where you can always get a new copy of your photos for a small fee.


Of course, there are many more topics that you should discuss with the photographer. What does he or she do in case of illness, or a defect in the equipment (knock-off!)? And how should the payment be made? For example, is a down payment required, when will the invoice be sent? And so there are many more questions to think of.

Prepare your conversation well and go with your photographer not only his portfolio but especially discuss the business conditions. That may be a little less romantic than looking at pictures, but believe me: a good best Pre-wedding photographer in Ajmer knows more things than just his camera.


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