Don’t Get A Tattoo Because A Lover Demanded It

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Alright,Guest Posting I know today isn’t Wednesday but I have another post sort of related to celebrities. I was reading the latest tattoo news and I found this story about singer Charlotte Church. She is demanding that her boyfriend and father of her one year old daughter as well as the baby she is currently pregnant with to get her name tattooed somewhere on his body. She believes that because they are not married that he should do something special for her. She has even started to think up tattoo designs for him. I honestly do not know how much truth their is to this story but I think it is ridiculous.

Like I have said numerous times before one of the dumbest things you could possible do is get a tattoo of a lover’s name on your body. Because let’s face it you more than likely will not be with that person for the rest of your life. And a lot of times once you get your lover’s name tattooed on you it jinxes your relationship and you end up breaking up. But if you absolutely have to have your lover’s name tattooed on you, there is a better route you can go. First of all you could get their name tattooed in a different language so only you would know what it said. Or you could get their birthday tattooed on you again in a different language, or their Zodiac sign or something to that effect. But please think long and hard before you go through with something as serious as a tattoo.

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