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Children and adults have enjoyed solving jigsaw puzzles since their invention in 1760. There’s so much variation in jigsaw puzzles meaning they can be played by anyone,Guest Posting anywhere in the world.

The level of difficulty depends on the number of pieces and picture on the puzzle. The most common sizes for adult jigsaw puzzles are 500-piece puzzles and 1000-piece puzzles. Most jigsaw puzzles come with a picture of the completed jigsaw to help the puzzler work out where to put each piece. The size of the jigsaw puzzle pieces also has an effect on how difficult a puzzle it is. Generally, children’s jigsaws use larger pieces so they’re easier to solve. Kids can benefit a great deal from these games as it is a good mental exercise for them. They can learn the right ways of approaching the big problems by integrating a lot of different small solutions together.

Over time, jigsaw makers have developed   new techniques to create much more intricate and complex puzzle pieces that are not the usual shape. This can make them more fun, but more difficult to complete. Not all jigsaw puzzles are flat, as you can now buy 3D jigsaw puzzles which have added a whole new dimension to jigsaw puzzles.

The 1000-piece jigsaw is much more complex than 500-piece jigsaws and has a higher level of difficulty. Before progressing to the 1000-piece jigsaw, master the art of solving the 500-piece jigsaw. These are just two popular puzzle piece numbers, but they can range from 10 all the way up to 32,000 pieces. These huge puzzles can take days or months to complete, but are great at getting lots of people together and helping one another to complete the puzzle.

Most children will find 1000-piece puzzles too complex, resulting in frustration and loss of confidence. Thus, the smart thing to do is to provide them easy children’s jigsaws. These jigsaws will be made from larger pieces, more simple images and will normally consist of less than 100 pieces. Once they get the hang of the easier puzzles, they can then try their hand at something a little more difficult. From 100 piece puzzle they could progress to 500-piece children’s jigsaws and after they have mastered these they can progress to even more complicated puzzles. While the 1000-piece jigsaw takes a lot of effort, completion provides the considerable satisfaction of mastering a complex challenge. It’s very rewarding placing the final piece of the puzzle to the jigsaw, and completing the image. Some people are so proud that they fix their complete jigsaw puzzle to a board, and then place it a frame to hang on the wall. This means they can show off a great picture, and feel good that they completed it.

So, a jigsaw puzzle is much more than “just another game” and jigsaws are known to have beneficial mental effects for both children and adults. The best thing about jigsaw puzzles is that anybody can play, no matter what age there’s a puzzle for everybody.

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