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People like to go with wooden blocks because they are made up of wood which does not break up easily and can go for a long time. 

The wooden blocks are used not only at home but it is also used in school and kindergarten. This block helps the kids in developing the motor skill of the kids. This block also helps the kids in their proper memory coordination. The building block that is made up of wood is the most convenient one for your kid to play with because this is made from light wood.

 The kids like this type of block because it comes in different shape and design. And because of this it is possible for you to design structure of any design. Because of the different shape of the block it is possible for you to design different types of structures with it. The wooden blocks help the kids to use their imagination and creativity so that they can design any structure of their choice.


When you give your kids the block to play then it can teach your kids some basic coordination skill as well as it also teaches the kid how to be patient. The kids can have lots of fun when they play with the block. It is also very easy for the kids to handle the block. If the kids want to build their confidence and if you want to increase the intelligence level of your kid then you can give him the wooden blocks. Not only has this it also help the kid to build some of their basic skill like it helped them to improve their communication,Guest Posting helped them to learn how to work in group, how to join different parts together etc. Because of all this reason the popularity of the wooden blocks is increasing day by day. The size and the shape of the block also vary from the ordinary building block.

The building block that is made up of plastic is not so durable like the wooden one. It is also very easy for you to make any type of structure with it.  In school this type of block is given for the students who read in class 2 to 6. By looking at the activities done by the kids the teacher can judge about the attention and intelligence of the student. Not only kids but a grown up children also like to play with the block. There are some blocks which come in the shape of rectangle, cylinder, square and prism. These types of block challenge the creativity level of the kid. The wooden blocks are popular because they help in stimulating the body of the kid.

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